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Sound Off! calls published Jan. 26, 2011
• Doctor lacks compassion

In a time where jobs are hard to come by - but our health will still fail - I am appalled at one local doctor's lack of empathy for his family practice. When visiting his office you'll notice he is now into plastic surgery, and making money, forgetting about the people that have trusted him while his practice took off.

Recently my family has been affected by his lack of empathy. This doctor came into his waiting room to tell my parents - they have been with him well over 15 years - that he was refusing to see them unless they had cash to pay.

Even knowing what symptoms my mother was having, and knowing she needed to be seen, how could a doctor turn a blind eye over billing an insurance?

He really needs to be ashamed of himself.

Turns out my mom has a brain tumor. Prayers were answered and thanks to great neighbors and another doctor, we were able to find this out, and treatment has started.

• Police need to get on same page on issue

Just a real quick question/rant about the Ceres Police Department and the topic of photography. There is an issue of taking photos inside an open bedroom window. I say it's illegal, but the Ceres Police Department has a different answer each time it occurs. One officer says you can't do that, another says it's okay/legal to invade privacy like that. And yet another says their hands are tied.

I would hope that a law does exist to protect the citizens of Ceres. Or is it a vague law that needs to be brushed up in the courts?

• Downtown vision late and off the mark

Let's see: Three years to develope a plan and the big draw a movie theatre! Unbelievable. Well, maybe not. You folks need to get out more often. Take a walk through downtown Livermore or Santana Row. Personally, I would like to see downtown with a bit of Old Country Western Charm. Do it right or get off the horse and let the big boys handle it. I can have it done in 10 years.

• Treated rudely at City Hall

I'm calling regarding the city of Ceres. I went down to pay a bill. I had the lady, the receptionist, walk right by me, didn't acknowledge me, didn't say hello, not even a "Be with you in a moment." She looked right at me, turned around and walked away. I was waiting there several minutes. It was unbelievably rude. I've been there a bunch of times and I've never been treated so badly by a lady with the long brown hair and knee-high boots. That was completely inappropriate as a government employee.

• Loves dog groomer on Fifth Street

I hope that a lot of people in our town have taken their dog to the groomer on Fifth Street. I just took my Lhasa Apso back and she got even a more beautiful haircut than before. She's absolutely gorgeous. And this lady's prices are so reasonable. Please give her a try. If you're going into Modesto, don't do that any more. Try this lady. Give our people here in town our business.

• School nurses are not classified employees

I would just like to make a clarification to an article I read in the Ceres Courier in regards to "School employees are key behind the scene." And it states that school nurses are classified employees. School nurses are certified employees; they are required to obtain a nursing credential so they are considered a certified employee, not a classified employee. So I just wanted to update the Courier to that information.