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Sound Off! calls published Jan. 27, 2010
• Never give up on lost animals

I am an avid animal lover. My cat disappeared on Dec.1. I looked everywhere, put up posters, ran an ad and even went to the shelter looking. I went on their website every other day at animal shelter. On Jan 21 in the evening I found his picture on their site. I went Friday the 22nd to make sure and it was him. I can't tell you how happy I was to get him back. He was found across the street from them in the warehouse section. He had never gone anywhere in five years and this was at least three miles and across major streets and a river. No way did he get there by himself.

To the people who are missing animals, please don't stop looking and go to that site. To the ones who captured and turned him loose just anywhere, how would you like to be trapped and taken somewhere you had never been and just let out with no food, water or shelter? How can anyone be so cruel to such helpless creatures? At least if you trap them, take them to the pound. My cat is very different after being out for so long. He only goes ouside if he has to and wants to stay near me all the time now. Animals do have feelings even if some people don't!

Please spay or neuter and look for your lost pets!

• Eatery needs to fix their sign

I know the fast food business is probably hurting in this economy but could the Carl's Jr. at Mitchell and Whitmore fix the plywood base of their sign? It's rotting away!

• Cardoza's whistling different tune now

Rep. Dennis Cardoza said his party needs to focus on economic needs and scale back health-care ambitions. He said, "We have to focus on the art of the possible."

Two things of note: So Cardoza wants to focus on economic needs now? What has he been doing for the past year while his constituents have been asking, "Where are the jobs?"

He told us he was trying to improve the economy by voting for the failed $787 billion stimulus package that has yet to deliver significant promised job creation. By voting for the House's 2010 Budget resolution, which contains a $1 trillion deficit and has been called "the most fiscally irresponsible budget in the history of the federal government." By supporting the national energy tax, often referred to as "the biggest tax in American history." By supporting Nancy Pelosi's government-run health-care bill which the WSJ dubbed "the worst bill ever." By supporting a second Omnibus spending bill that allowed for an additional $1.1 trillion in excessive spending. By the increase of the country's debt limit by about $300 billion, allowing Democrats to pile a new round of wasteful spending onto the backs of American taxpayers. And by supporting the "Son of Stimulus" which will allow for an additional $154 billion more of borrowed tax dollars to be spent.

Why would Cardoza want to scale back his health-care ambitions today after he spent months working with his friend Nancy Pelosi on creating what the Wall Street Journal called "the worst bill ever?" Does Cardoza regret voting for the Obama-Pelosi government-run health-care bill?