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"Sound Off!" calls published Jan. 30, 2008
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Don't park on sidewalk

Since when is it right to park on sidewalks? My husband and I walk daily and we are constantly walking around cars, trucks and RVs parked on sidewalks. When parking your vehicle in your driveway, please pull up as far as possible. If your vehicle does not fit in your driveway, maybe you should think about parking alongside the curb, not on the curb and not on the sidewalk either.

• No one stands againt neighbor

It used to be here in Ceres that you could and make a complaint about a dog barking constantly and someone would show up and talk to the owner or leave a note on their door. But now they send you a form to complete and at least one neighbor has to complete one too. Well, the dog in our neighborhood will continue to bark day and night because I couldn't find a neighbor who would stand up and fill out the paperwork which could be viewed by the dog owner.

Everyone was afraid of retaliation from the dog owner. This isn't right.

• Low class dress in classy Gallo

I've attended the Gallo Theatre several times and feel they have offered our community a lot in the way of culture and entertainment. My problem is with the people who attend. Come on, folks, this is your opportunity to dress up and show that Modesto area isn't a bunch of hicks. People show up in jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts and then there are the real theater goers, a few, dressed in their finest and look great.

• Bob Panos was the best

Bob Panos was one of the best. He was there for my family during a rough time, lending support and wise counsel. He truly cared about the people and his community. I considered him a friend. He was always quick with a smile and joke. My prayers and sympathy are with his family and friends. Bob will be missed.

• Poor communication at studio

I'm calling in with the hope that if just one family is spared from the troubles we have experienced from a local dance studio then this call will have served its purpose. During the past six months in which our child has participated in one of the (name withheld) dance teams, we have had many issues. Some we have experienced include unexpected changes to out-of-town schedules with very little notice provided. This has made it financially impossible to prepare for the required entry and entrance fees, gas, motel costs and the list goes on, for these out-of-town activities. The dessimination of information, we have discovered, is virtually non-existent. For example, attire that is required for upcoming events is never issued in any written format; it is passed on only verbally from parent to parent with no direction from the instruction.

Worst of all, when we, as parents, confronted the instructor on these issues and indicated we were unable to participate in an out-of-town event - due to the last-minute notification - our child was removed from the organization.

Upon pursuing my child's termination with the owner ... she not only backed the instructor entirely, she did so without so much as a single conversation with me to find out the other side of the story.

• Ceres needs to be updated

I agree with the person who called "Sound Off!" wanting the unique shops here, such as Trader Joe's and some comedy clubs or nicer shopping centers that Ceres could use to catch up with all the suburbia around them. And we also need to refurbish the downtown area that you can see across from the freeway. It would really be nice if it looked something like Los Gatos, Saratoga, and it would be more appealing to people who lived here. It's time to catch up with the times Ceres.

• Mom has crossed the line

I'm calling in regards to a Ceres High parent that the boys call "Mom." She allows them to come over and party and spend the night. I think it's wrong. My son came home and told me that he heard this lady is doing these things. Lady, you have no right to be doing that. They're boys. Just because they call you Mom doesn't mean anything. You need to straighten up your act. There's people who have gone to jail over something like this.

I'm appalled to think of some mom inviting boys over to spend the night with girls. It's so wrong.

• Term doesn't apply?

Yeah, Rob Phipps wasn't old enough to be the city's father.

(Editor's note: City father is a term meaning city leader, not necessarily the founder of the city).

• Tatoos have implications

Regarding the Bee's Jan. 24 D Section article, "Women Get Inked," a new rule: If you ever hope to be a credible adult and want a job that pays better than minimum wage, then for God's sake don't pierce or tattoo every available piece of flesh. If so, then plan your future around saying, "Do you want fries with that?"

• Panos' stepkids grieving

My name is Andie and I feel it necessary to tell you a little more about "Bobby," whom was my dad for many years. Bobby had two children Katie and Jason with his first wife Trish. When the children were young he divorced Trish and later met and married my mother, Kay. With her came two more children including me and my younger brother Justin. I was 13 years old when Bobby became my step-father and at the time I was not the most appreciative of having a police officer with strict rules to live by. Bobby put up with much teenage troubles from me and his "officer look" was one that I saw often. For the first time in my life I had a home where I felt safe. He was the most loving, humble man I have ever known and I will miss him always.

My mother Kay and Bobby divorced a few years ago but stayed close friends through it all and even shared custody of their two dogs, Pepper and Max. I know that excluding us from this article, Bobby's family has only made the grief of losing him all the more difficult. Bobby was my labor coach when I was only 16 years old and gave birth to his first grandchild who's named after him (Robert Nicholas her name is Alysia Nichole). Bobby had a few more grandchildren through the years totalling six. Three of my children, two from my brother Justin and his daughter Katie had her first child a son four years ago. Alysia Nichole will turn 17 years old on Jan. 31. She and her Papa Bob celebrated their birthdays together every year since his is the 28th of January. This year she will celebrate it without him.

We are all in shock and dealing with much sadness as we try to accept the reality that our "Bobby" is no longer a call away when we need him, he won't ever cook us his famous pilaf (he was an awesome cook!!) and no longer will we look to see him in his Ceres patrol car where he was most proud of being. I could go on and on with all the wonderful gifts Bobby had and still I would not be able to list them all. Your article was to the point and very politically correct but for this step-daughter and speaking for his step-son, ex-wife and six grandchildren it felt like another seperation from the man we all very much love and are missing.