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Sound Off! calls published Jan. 7, 2009
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• El Rematito is next

Chief Art deWerk and his men deserve medals for a job well done. Now the Ceres Drive-in needs to take care of their night gangs. When my boy came back to the car he was crying, no popcorn, no money. And the person in charge would not break up the candy gang around the concession stand. I remember going there in the 1960s, sitting in lawnchairs and enjoying the movies.

As for El Rematito, we taxpayers paid for a stoplight and crosswalks and they still run across the road, park in no parking posted areas. And now all the gangs hang there. You can drive down Crows Landing a little further and have your eardrums destroyed by your friendly auto sales. But that's okay, it only took about 10 years to bust Ceres Flea Market. So I figure about 15 years to clear Crows Landing of the mongrel nation of gangs and illegals.

• Protest sewer, water rate hikes

The proposed hikes to Ceres residential city water rates are without merit or need. Most upsetting is the tough method for objecting to the rate hike. The only way to stop the hike is to have 50 percent of bill payers to send a written protest to the city clerk (mailing address of 2720 Second Street, Ceres CA 95307). E-mail and telephone submissions will not work and no voting ballot will be sent. This written letter needs to include the following information:

"To Whom It May Concern, I, the bill payer at (address) formally protest the proposed Ceres city water rate hike. Signed, (your name)."

I would encourage all potentially affected citizens of Ceres to protest the water rate hike. A public presentation is going to be held at City Hall on Second Street at 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 26.

• How many teams do we need?

How many youth football teams do we need in Ceres? We already have three in our small town - the Saints, Cowboys, Seahawks and now the Ceres Raptor. When is the city going to stop letting people start teams? Where are they all going to play? It's hard with three teams but now four. Wow.

I know for sure people from the Saints got made and now are starting their own team.

• Double standard media

I want to get this off my chest. Why is the media so unfair and unbalanced? Remember when Sarah Palin was picked up by McCain as a vice president running mate? They tore her up, going on and on about making hay about her lack of experience. But then when Caroline Kennedy says she wants Clinton's Senate seat, she not only isn't persecuted for her zero experience, but she's fawned over by the Camelot lovers in the media.

Good God, can we say what it is? The media is nothing but bought and paid for by the Democrats.

• Harrassing landlord

I'm curious. What happens when your landlord effectively harrasses your wife and she don't know what to do. If she does anything about it - he's messed up her life up forever - we'll be homeless. I don't know what rights she or anybody has.

• New Year's revelers

I just want to say that I stayed up to watch the new year come in. We used to celebrate by banging pots and pans in the night but these idiots are out shooting off bottle rockets and shooting guns. Do you people understand that bottle rockets come down and some light up roof tops? And do you understand that some people need their sleep? And do you also understand that bullets tumble back to the ground and penetrate roof tops and can easily knock a hole through a person's skull? Are you people that inconsiderate or just stupid or both?

• Quit being nice at four ways

Why is it that people freeze when they get to four-way stops? Quit being nice to me, if you were there first, go! If your car stops at the limit line and the person to your right or left hasn't stopped yet then hit the other pedal and get out of the way. Tie goes to the person on the right unless I'm in the tie then it goes to me because that person on the right is too busy being nice and disrupting the flow of traffic.