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Sound Off! calls published July 21, 2010
• Office rude but Mr. Hall kind

I'm calling in regards to "Tension in the Don Pedro School office" (call published June 30.). I've worked with Mr. Hall at the Carroll Fowler School. He is such a kind gentleman. I hate to hear this about him but I have been over at Don Pedro School and do find the office staff there quite rude. I would agree with the caller about that but Mr. Hall I do find you still to this day very kind.

Also, that's an overflow school and if I were the parent I would try to get in with Walter White School because their office staff is wonderful.

• Have Walmart build the best store

I hear that Walmart has several models of stores that they can build in a community, ranging from low quality to high. We need to demand that they build their top of the line model here in Ceres if we want to draw good clientele. People will come in to shop there if it's a better quality Walmart Supercenter. If we don't, we're going to end up with what we already have. We also need to demand that they maintain the landscaping in their parking lot because the existing store is always littered, the trees are half dead, it's just in shoddy condition and always has been.

• Brown always reinvents himself

This is laughable. I must respond to the ill-informed Jerry Brown supporter. Brown has been in politics for at least 40 years. He was elected California secretary of state in 1970. In 1974 he barely won the governorship; he bested Houston Flournoy. Now remember the 1974 mid-terms followed Richard Nixon's August resignation and that's when the Democratic Party picked up at least five gubernatorial contests and Brown barely won the contest. Any other Democratic nominee would have won that post in a landslide so that tells you something about the man himself.

Brown served two terms as governor and was "term limited" out and left in 1983. Brown ran for the U.S. Senate in 1982 and he lost to Republican Pete Wilson. Brown's eight years as governor were horrible. He was against Proposition 13, which had lowered property taxes and which was approved overwhelmingly by the people of California in 1978. He left California with a very high unemployment rate.

Also as governor he appointed a very liberal justice to the California Supreme Court, Rose Bird; in the 1978 mid-terms the California electorate recalled her.

Brown was a very extreme environmentalist as governor and he still is for that matter. It would be horrific if he were to be elected. This state cannot afford this man.

Also in 1976 Brown ran for the Democratic presidential nomination but was unsuccessful; he lost to Jimmy Carter, who was another failed president. Then in 1989 Brown tried to guide the California Democratic Party. In the 1990s Brown was elected and re-elected as mayor of Oakland and left the city in shambles as he previously left the state of California. Then in 2006 Brown was elected attorney general of California and now again wants to be governor. He is 72 years old but he looks much older.

How many times can a man reinvent himself?

• Confused over jobless numbers

The much awaited June employment rate was announced. In the month of June the U.S. lost 125,000 jobs. Get this: Also 1.2 million workers are now discourage; they've given up and are no longer looking for work. Unbelievable. The unemployment rate though went down to 9.5 percent. Now that makes no sense if you lost 125,000 jobs and 1.2 million workers are now discouraged. That makes no sense.

They also said that 83,000 private jobs were created but yet the unemployment rate went down to 9.5 percent. Something smells there.

Once the Census worker jobs, which were temporary, expire, you're going to see thi thing go up again.

As the news media has announced, they're afraid of a double-dip recession and that's probably what's going to unfortunately happen. It's a disaster. But yet I was listening to Obama stating "we're in the right direction." What is wrong with this picture? Obviously we're in the wrong direction but he's the messiah and can do no wrong. It simply boggles my mind who we voted for and what we've got. It's a shame!

• Parties only care about themselves

I get confused on who to vote for and what propositions to vote on. The Democrats come come up with a proposition that would put California back on top and the Republicans would spend millions to confuse us for they did not ... jump in and get it done. This goes both ways. It's no longer what's best for California, it's what's best for the party.

• Using Obama's logic, then....

Now with Obama and Arizona, from what I can make of the whole thing, if a local police department cannot do any traffic stop or DUI checkpoint and check or hold an illegal immigrant ...(because) they would be interfering and infringing upon a federal agency. So following Obama's thinking, anyone who has been stopped for a traffic violation or at a DUI checkpoint and is busted for having drugs should get a lawyer and sue the local police department for arresting them for the local police have no right to interfere or infringe on a federal agency.

• Commenting on Judy Erick's letter

I am commenting on the letter to the editor written by Judy Erick ("Thrilled with prospects of new store.") My friends and I don't know if we should laugh or feel sorry for her. It is obvious to us that she owes the St. Jude's Church and its followers and the owners of the Las Consuelas Restaurant (lot) an apology. You should refrain from attacking the church because it's a wonderful place for the community to celebrate its faith, enjoy a wedding and do good for those in need. When I read your comments in support of the Walmart Supercenter bringing traffic lights and revenue, I realize that Judi did not read the draft Environmental Impact Report that is 2,500 pages long. Judi, if you think the traffic is bad now, Walmart has a surprise for you. The traffic study for the proposed Supercenter shows about 6,500 to 8,000 more vehicles will flood our Ceres streets each day. Residents along Don Pedro Road won't be able to back out of their own driveways. And according to the report ... the city will not see a net gain in tax revenue. Judi, take a real good look at the report. If you still think that traffic lights will make your drive better, I will send you money so you can buy dinner at the new Las Consuelas Mexican restaurant coming soon to Ceres.

• Boxer does not deserve re-election

I see that Carly Fiorina just completed reconstructive surgery after her battle with breast cancer. Hopefully she's doing okay but I see the junior Senator Barbara Boxer is attacking her while she's in the hospital. Boxer, the one who scolded a general during a hearing for referring to her as "maam." To which she responded, "please, please, please don't call me that. Call me senator. I worked too hard to achieve that status." What a joke! Boxer has no compassion for the average man and woman. She does not understand the daily struggles that we are going through.

Now Boxer takes credit for a very few jobs created in California but she will not take the blame for all the jobs that have been outsourced to other countries. She's a typical politician. She was first selected to the U.S. Senate in 1992, been there 18 years, ending her third and hopeful last term. She has not accomplished much, if anything. Before the Senate she was a congresswoman from 1982 to 1992. Basically she has been in Congress for almost 28 years. Her record is very, very thin.

I sincerely believe she does not deserve to be re-elected. She deserves to be retired.

• Mike Chandler was a good man

Mike (Chandler) was a neighbor of mine about a year ago. He was a good man; he let just about everybody and anybody who had no where to live, stay with him at his duplex on Whitmore. It's sad because after losing his home, it seems like everything else just hit rock bottom for him.

My mother and I sat here and thought of all the hospital visits Mike had this past year, struggleing with his cancer, and other health issues, not to mention his car flipping and he had head injuries from it. But the fighter he was he still was up and about managing, and now to end his life by a bullet, that's just sad. That boy needs to be put to death.

Michael Chandler was a veteran. Did anyone bother to say that about Mike? It seems they left out all the good he has done, but had no problem saying about his drug problem. I mean, come on, there is a bad seed in every single one of us. But shouldn't the good deeds be said too? That 15-year-boy said "Who's the tweaker?", but who was the one coming in at 2:30 a.m.? Where were the parents to these little boys?

• Fair must have money as they overcharge

Regarding "Entertainment at the Fair a deal but no seat saving" and the comment "...when the fair finds the money" is too funny!! Considering they overcharge for everything, and a person can drop $100 bucks in less than an hour just to have the minimum amount of "fun," I would think that they don't put money into expanding the free stage area because people will deal with it even though they shouldn't have to and the fair will be in profit heaven regardless.