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Sound Off! calls published July 28, 2010
• Roller rink idea wouldn't work

You know, turning the old Walmart building into a skatepark is a great idea but there's only one problem: Kids aren't raised with any respect nowadays and they tear things up. And then some child will stub their toe and their parents will sue and it will cost the city bundles. So the insurance and everything on that would be so high that it would cost an arm and a leg just to get in to skate.

• Stop insane rate increases, city of Ceres

Alright city of Ceres, I have to get this off of my chest. This is getting totally ridiculous. You guys keep raising the water and sewer rates and everything. It was $81; now it's going up to $87. Next thing you know it'll be $100. It would probably be cheaper if I took my garbage to the garbage place itself. How much would it cost for just water? Can anybody answer that, city of Ceres? Or do we have to have your garbage service? This is ridiculous. What are people going to do when they can't afford this? Eighty-seven dollars a month for water that sucks? I won't even let my hamster drink the water here it's so bad. You take a shower and it's like someone urinating on you; there's no pressure whatsoever. Yet you have the audacity to raise it and build more stuff.

There's a recession going on. Stop it already.

• We need that Supercenter

About the Supercenter that they plan to build in Ceres, go ahead and build it. We need it. It'll help the city's economy and increase revenue and we need jobs. As far as this person complaining about traffic and congestion, it's going to be like that whenever you move. You've got to think about the positive benefits to it. Don't worry about it. It'll turn out fine. We need it. We need that store.

• Truck stop for the west side?

I'd like to say that on Service and Morgan, I think they should have a great big truck stop there for all the truck drivers. And somewhere that their family could eat with them. I think it would be a good idea.

• Boothe Road pavers did a great job

My wife and I would like to convey our thanks to the paving contractors and crews who were working on Boothe Road. They've done a very nice job with little or no inconvenience and your efforts are very much appreciated.

• Likes Maria's Taco Shop

I want to give great compliments to the new restaurant that opened up here in Ceres, Maria's Taco Shop. I want to thank the city of Ceres for allowing this small little business to come into our community to try to bring in some tax revenues. I went into the restaurant the first day that it opened; the food was outstanding, delicious, the prices were great. Had it again for lunch on Monday with my gals; they all loved it.

And I want to thank the owners of the franchise of Maria's Taco Shops and giving them great applause for good and quality food that they are bringing in to our little hometown Ceres.

• Crack down on illegal yard sales

They're going to stop these people from having yard sales without having permits. You see them all over the place and it's not fair to the ones who are paying for the permits. They've starting out ahead of everybody else. It's also a traffic hazard when they don't have them advertised and they're on the major roads.

On Richard Way the guy right there on the corner has had his now for every weekend for over three months. I think that qualifies as a business, no longer a yard sale.

They're not advertised in the paper and they don't have permits. When you walk up and ask they'll say "No, no, no. We don't need one." It's time to bust them down and keep them going.

• Make it fair for all with water meters

Are we going to force apartments to be on water meters too? Otherwise it's not going to be fair because if you notice the apartments are the ones that are letting water go all over the place, especially at 625 Richland Avenue. Every time they water they have the curb so full of water that it would even drain half of the time and their sprinklers are watering the road. So if the other side of the block is going to get charged by the gallon don't you think apartments should be also? Everything should be on water meters - stores, companies, apartments as well as the houses.

• Instead of canning FFA, can Simmonds

That article that you had about the Central Valley FFA student at the fair was quite nice but I guess that's all you had to report about because there is no FFA program at Ceres High School any more. The administration and the district tanked it. I guess that's one less thing for your vocational director, Mr. Jay Simmonds, who earns over $100,000 a year, to do. I guess he would be one that they could get rid of to save money.