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Sound Off! calls published July 29, 2009
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• Where do rates stop?

I find it hard to believe what Ceres officials are doing as far as raising rates at a time when people are out of work or getting lower wages to keep a job. For utilities we will pay $66.70 as of January. Then in February they jump it up to $72.19, a $15.49 raise in utilities. Now five months later they're raising up another $8.98 a month. And then they tell us how bad the water is. Where is this going to stop? Can we expect a $100 bill by Christmas? Why don't they all take a drop in wages and make them drink the water that they're giving us. I'd fed up and think we need new people in all public office. The ones we have really suck.

• Ceres the laughing stock

I just want to say thanks to Eric Ingwerson for standing up. We know that he serves this area well. We love him. It just goes to show you that these board members are one-minded one way and Mike Welsh is along with them, has no backbone going along with everybody else. The school needs to be named after somebody smart and dignified, even if they named it Sonia Sotomayor I would be more happier with that because she's a brilliant woman. But just naming it Cesar Chavez to make the Mexican population here happy is absurb. We need to get this situation ratified and taken care of before it gets worse and this town becomes the laughing stock of the state of California. It already has started so we need to nip it in the bud and name it after somebody who is worthy and a brilliant person.

• Church looks great after paint

I'm calling to let you guys know that the church on the corner of Garrison and Mitchell has been painted and looks very nice. I just wanted to say thank you to the church for painting it. It made it look a lot nicer.

• Board has personal biases

I spoke at the board meeting Thursday (July 16) in favor of a review (of the name of the school). Hanline and Guerrero chose to ignore me because I didn't agree with their personal racial agenda. If I ever speak in front of them again, make no mistake about it, if they ignore me I will stop my time and call them out on it.

And to Faye Lane, what that person said to you in ("Sound Off!") was wrong. It was also just as wrong for you to bring it up at a board meeting and let one person's stupidity affect your vote.

We have an election coming up and I'm sure the voters of Ceres will weed out the bad ones. And Mr. Hanline, you can't retire soon enough.

• Local name for local school

For the past 21 years my household has supported the CUSD each time that they have come to the voters for more money to build new schools. Part of the reason we have supported the bond is because Ceres has the tradition of naming our schools after local people or a Ceres geographical location. One way that we sing the praises of our unique local character and prosperity is by naming our schools after local leaders who have supported our success. By recognizing local leaders and educated everyone within the community about our local leaders' contributions to Ceres, our local school system models itself in a way that is reflective of our unique small-town values. This unique value system helps sustain vibrant social relationships, which in turn has a huge impact on the local economy and gives Ceres an educational, social and economic advantage. I will still be alive living in Ceres and paying for the 30-year school bond on this junior high school when many of the board members of CUSD will have retired or passed away. I want to see a local person's name on the junior high school because a local leader built upon Ceres' distinctive character. Mr. Chavez was not a local hero otherwise his nomination would have sufficed. That last statement is there for those who think that naming of the school is all about race. It is not.

• Do something about the dogs

They should do something about these beware of dogs in the 1600 block of Richland. There's a whole panel of the fence missing and the dogs are small enough to go under their so-called gate. They have it posted "Beware of Dogs" and the dogs are chasing the kids; they've attacked the neighbors' dogs at least two times that I know of and pretty soon they'll start attacking people. Why can't something be done? They give them a fine one time and the dogs are still not chained up nor is the fence fenced in.

• Jobs a result of federal debt

In reply to your article on stimulus money putting local kids to work, it should be noted that while putting kids to work is great, it's too bad that our president and Congress had to borrow billions and put us into debt to do that.

Those kids may be earning chump change but Obama has indebted this generation and many many more to paying off this massive federal debt and deficit spending. May God help our economy. Maybe we should be educating this crop of kids about economics because nobody in Congress has figured out that we can't afford these kinds of programs and we are going to bury ourselves in a sea of debt. I'm surprised the Chinese haven't demanded our assets like national parks yet.