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Sound Off! calls published June 1, 2011
• Great job at Sinclear Elementary

I would like to sound off about something that has made a profound impact on not only on our children, but also to both my husband and I.

I want to say that Sinclear Elementary has got to be one of the top schools ever! We have been with them since there opening when our daughter started kindergarten and our son first grade. The entire staff at Sinclear has gone above and beyond the call of duty so many times!

This coming year our daughter will be entering sixth grade and our son will be attending junior high. I just want to take the time to let all of the staff know what a great job they have done and are continuing to do to help our kids truly succeed.

Here are just a few that I would like to recognize: Kindergarten teacher Claudia Garcia, first grade teacher and retiree Randa Comstock, second grade teachers Susan Coppock and Jeanie McDaniel, third grade- Olivia Solkah and Cindy Brawley, fourth grade, Susan Lee and Emily Harry, fifth Craig Tornquist and sixth grade Joseph Robinson. Also, Mrs. Linda Herferth, librarian and soon to be retiree, cafeteria- Kim Brizendine, health clerk Diane Moniz, PE teacher-Dean Dewing, music teacher Devon James, custodians Diana Boyarsky, Vasilly Susid and Nadia Bizyayeva, Yard Duty- Andrea, Toni and Marciella, secretaries Emma Barba and Terri Ramos, and incredible Principal Connie Stark and administrative assistant Juan Mendoza. All of these amazing people have encourged us and our kids every day of each year we have been there. Through the challenges and successes they have rooted for all of the kids. They have kept us informed and have communicated openly to us. I could not have asked for a better elementary school than what we have had with Sinclear! We have one more year there and while we look forward to it, we are saddened that after next year, we will be saying goodbye. I want to encourage the staff to keep up the incredible work that you are doing; it does not go unnoticed and I want to encourage and motivate parents to get involved in their children's schools; you will find it rewarding and it will keep your kids motivated. You will also see the awesome teachers that your child/ren have been blessed with and you can take part in their adventures in school.

I challenge you to help make your child's years successful (at Sinclear or any school they are attending) by choosing to get involved. It doesn't have to be all day every day, but just periodically, or even by just popping in and checking in with the teacher when you pick up your child. You will be so glad that you did - and it will strengthen your relationship with the school, the teacher, and your child! Take it from us, we know!

• Make Street Faire a bit different

I am calling in response to the "Congratulations on the Street Faire." I, too, like the Street Faire and I am not hear to tear it down. The committee does do a great job. But I'm wondering if they can do something to change it up a bit? Every year it seems like the same predictable thing. I am thinking maybe they could add more than local entertainment, like a well-known singer who could perform and they could charge for tickets at the Ceres High arena. Or what about contests such as pie eating contests? How about bringing in a carnival, with carnival rides like you see in other towns like a Ferris Wheel and bumper cars?

Another idea, when you buy all that delicious food served by the different groups, there is no place to sit down and enjoy that food. Maybe a covered eating area would be nice.

• Why did council fall for delay tactic?

I can't believe the City Council still needs more time to vote on the Ceres Super Walmart. The other side had plenty of time to submit their paperwork. Why wait for the last minute? It's a stall and the council let it happen. We, the people of Ceres, who are for the the center want it to be done. Wake up and do what's right for all of us.

By the way, I live on Archcliffe Drive, probably the only person in the neighborhood who wants it to go through.