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Sound Off! calls published June 15
• Justice for Rita Elias

Justice for Rita Elias. If the law applies to everybody then when will murderous, drug dealing slum lord, former Sheriff detective Kari Abbey be charged federally? Violation of civil rights, counterfeit money? When will she get gun enhancement charges?

• Mitchell Road is not a racetrack

I live in a mobilehome park next to St. Jude's church. I take my life in my hands every time I pull out on Mitchell Road. I realize these people who are driving on Mitchell Road are coming off the freeway going 70-80 mph but once you get on Mitchell Road, slow down. It's not the freeway anymore. The speed limit on Mitchell is 45 mph.

Then there's Rite Aid. Sure it's a beautiful store and I shop there. It's such a nice place to go, but guys, look at their landscaping. Trees are dying, bushes are dying, garbage and cigarette butts are everywhere. So if you can't hire a landscaper, let the employees go out for about an hour or 30 minutes or whatever. It won't hurt them. It might even be good for them.

• Questioning use of handicapped stalls

I want to know why all the people working for the Welfare Department are parking in crippled parking spaces and there is nothing wrong with them. They have a placard in their window and none of them are disabled. They need to be stopped. I was down there and we've seen everyone of them coming in to work and park right there in the crippled area.

(Editor's note: Handicapped spaces may be used by persons who are not necessarily "crippled." Permission for a handicapped parking placard requires a physician's note and can include such health conditions as asthma, heart or lung issues, or someone who does not have full use of both arms.)

• Do people know what crosswalks are for?

I would like to know if people in Ceres know what a crosswalks are. When people are walking across the crosswalk, you're supposed to stop. Let them walk them across without trying to run them over. It's ridiculous. That's why you see the crosswalk.

Also, you people on Whitmore, slow down. I just seen a dog get hit for no reason.

• Why not interview Jacobson?

I am a regular reader of your column Jeff. On one hand I have enjoyed your insights about politics, basic courtesy and your old school hesitation about social media. I think our society is moving faster and faster but we are not getting smarter and smarter. Next we'll grunt instead of text.

On the other hand, I do not like the way your column characterizes the efforts of Sherri Jacobson and the group Citizens for Ceres. I looked over the comments from the Mitchell Ranch center project that are posted on the city of Ceres website. The woman can write. Why hasn't the Courier interviewed this woman? She seems to call things like she sees them. Would you prefer she sends you a text or post some dumb message on Facebook to get your attention? I'd be interested in knowing what she considers to be a good project for our gateway but perhaps the Courier is falling the commercial politics and like Walmart prohibits real discussion.

(Editor's note: There has been no reason to interview Sherri Jacobson since we have quoted her comments and opinions made in public meetings on the Mitchell Ranch Shopping Center).

• Does Obama know Chysler is now Italian?

I just finished watching the president's speech at a Chrysler plant in Toledo, Ohio, where he was boasting about how he saved the American car industry. Apparently his teleprompter forgot to let him know that Chrysler belongs to Fiat, an Italian company. What a dope!

• Welfare people living off their children

I'm wondering if these people who are drawing welfare realize their kids are actually supporting them. Without their child they would not draw the money that they do. There are jobs out there but you have to be very tenacious about going and looking for one. You need to just keep at it and keep looking. There won't be one that pays as much as you want but one dollar is better than no dollar.

• Some do seek special privileges

A gentleman wanted to know if there are really people who want special privileges in breaking U.S. laws. Definitely there is. For some reason they think that we're supposed to bend and just let them break the laws. When if I, a caucasian male, were to enter Mexico illegally I would be in jail in probably the first half-hour. They want us to turn our heads when they drive illegally and cause millions and millions of dollars. My frustration more lies with the politicians who are allowing this to happen.

Thank you for letting me voice my opinion. As for the people who will write in and call me racist, I am not. One of my best friends is Latino and he's legal.