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Sound Off! calls published June 16, 2010
• Social Security ripoffs occurring

I'm calling to say something that goes out for free and I think people should be in a more position to earn this money before they get it. They're working (to reform) on the welfare program and I think that's wonderful. Now go to work on Social Security and then ones who are collecting disability when they don't really need it. Do a little bit more investigating. People collecting on their dad's, their mother's - this is ridiculous.

• Rude service at restaurant

There is a Mexican restaurant on Mitchell Road that serves great food, but the service is horrible. It's family ran and the waitresses - every time I've brought friends - are just rude to us and I tip them over 20 percent each and every time. And I'm asking myself why.

• California has a law like Arizona's

Here's a reply to the person in response to "Asking for citizenship for proof is wrong." The 26-year-old Mexican-American who speaks very little Spanish needs to read the Arizona law because it restricts racial profiling. And yes, I do carry a drivers license. That would be your proof of citizenship.

By the way, California does have a law - California Penal Code 834b is a law just like Arizona's except maybe stricter.

Get a grip. Read the law!

• Karate lessons keep her challenged

I'd like to thank Ceres Karate for showing me that I can be healthy. A few months ago I was 20 pounds heavier and 15 inches (unintelligible on tape). I feel a hundred times better than I did this past January. What makes me feel happier is I love walking through your doors even though I know you're going to challenge me. I hadn't done sit-ups, push-ups or even ran since high school. My first time there I thought I was going to pass out. And that first day you shared that we could take water breaks as often as we wanted to. We weren't made fun of if we needed to have a break. That's what kept me coming. Believe it or not, your place is sacred to me and I are sure there are many of us who feel that way.

Thank you for teaching and accepting everyone. Thank you for helping transform us into better community of citizens.

And one more thing. Think you to my sister-in-law for dragging me into there!

• Don Pedro not as parent friendly as before

If CUSD wants to cut costs why don't they get rid of the administrator at Don Pedro. The school isn't as parent friendly as it used to be. They didn't even put chairs out for our Open House. I'm sure they could find somebody better at a cheaper cost or let the teachers run it themselves.

• Nothing wrong with new Arizona law

To the one saying that we must prove our citizenship, if they would look on the back of their drivers license or ID card it says you're supposed to carry them 24 hours or at all times with you. So if you have one - unless you get a fake one from underneath the Ninth Street Bridge - it would pass.

They're not just stopping Mexican-Americans in Arizona for proof of citizenship. They're stopping anyone who's doing anything illegal - that includes Cubans as well as whites.

So why don't we just get our act together and say that we want to enforce the laws of the United States and that California did pass and actually do something about all the illegal immigrants.

• Arizona law is a sad thing to see

Back in the 1940s the American people asked Mexican people to help them come help them with their farms. Illegal or not, those who went to the service were granted citizenship or residential status. And now we're in a situation were jobs are short supposedly and the people think that these illegal people are taking jobs away from them, which is not true. That's why the president of the United States is not saying much about it. Taxes are being paid by the employer as well as the employee and they're also consuming goods that are taxed. I don't understand what part of humanity comes into the legality of human beings living in this country. It's sad to see that. We did that to the Japanese, born here or not, and put them in concentration camps during the war.

It is sad to see this.