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Sound Off! calls published June 22, 2011
• Trash makes her embarrassed

I'd like to make a comment about the article on "The trashing of America has got to stop." I agree with the caller. I have numerous times seen individuals throw their garbage down. Most recently I saw a car that was pulled over by McDonald's on Morgan and I couldn't believe my eyes when he threw out a McDonald's bag full of trash right on the curb. I'm sorry to say but it was a (withheld). I wanted to go back and say something to him but my husband would have been upset at me.

The trashing of America has got to stop. It's embarrassing to live in Ceres because of the way Ceres looks, because of the way that people have allowed Ceres to look and if we could afford it we would move.

• Elderly woman requests help

I'm calling about the Love Ceres volunteer thing. The only way you can get into this is with a computer (internet). I do not have a computer. I'm 73. I have the next door neighbor's ivy all over my fence and I need it cut back but I don't know who to call to have this done for me. Is there a phone number that you can print in the paper?

(Editor's note: The city's code enforcement officers can possibly assist if you call them at 538-5799. It's unknown if the work can be scheduled this Saturday. Also, a waiver must be signed.)

• Offended at message sent to youngsters

I was going to the bank and this lady with a group of kids sent this little boy over to me to ask for change. He was so well versed and looked about four years old, a runny nose little kid. I was just stunned. I asked what he needed the money for and he claimed for a motel. So being a compassionate person, I just go around and around like oh my gosh are they really homeless or should I tell them to go to the Salvation Army or are they trying to panhandle me. I was so offended that a person would teach their little child to panhandle people for money instead of teaching them a work ethic instead. That's what I do with my grandkids.

• Cite for all those illegal yard sale signs

I want to thank the Courier for the recent article on yard sales but judging by the illegal signs, people didn't read it. I think we should just cite, not warn. They'd get the point fast.