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Sound Off! calls published June 29, 2011
• Kari Abbey a dangerous woman

Why is the Kari Abbey legal defense team requesting that she not appear in court? Are they claiming she is in fear for her life at the courthouse? The courthouse in Stanislaus County is probably the safest place anyone could be. Kari Abbey didn't seem afraid when she walked into the courthouse with a smirk on her face. She didn't seem afraid when she left the courthouse winking at reporters. No one took a pot shot at her. If anything, it appears she is more afraid to be at home. Heck, she had a loaded assault rifle under her mattress in her bedroom prior to being arrested! I mean, you must be really deep in the game to be so paranoid that you strategically place a loaded street sweep under your mattress. How much dirt has she done hiding behind a badge within our community? If she is so scared, I suggest they revoke her extremely low bail and have her sit in secluded jail cell. Wouldn't that be the safest place for her?

Hey, what about the safety of those in the community? Haven't we seen Kari Abbey's progression in aggressiveness from verbal intimidation all the way up to murder? What if she decides to go after those who've spoken up against her? I think if anyone should be in fear it would be those who took a stand against her and the powers that be. We all know about plainclothes officers monitoring protesters demanding justice on the west side. Will those folks be targeted? So really who should be afraid in this situation.

• Report violations to City Hall

I just read in "Sound Off!" where someone called in about Boothe Road becoming Los Angeles. I agree wholeheartedly. I've lived on Boothe Road since 1972 and unfortunately I've watched the new housing go in only to become a playground for renters and run-down people - not everyone but it's an eyesore. I miss seeing the mountains.

But I too have seen the person that has the yard sale almost daily and they get away with it. So I encourage everyone, if you see fruit vendors on our corners in that neighborhood or people having yard sales, call the city. They will come out. I've done it; we just have to pick up the phone every time. We just have to keep up the fight.

• Supports brave Latina and her comments

I'm calling in to commend the Latina who had the courage to speak out against the trashing of America in Sound Off! I support you all the way. I, too, am Hispanic and I'm proud to be an American.

• Don't trash whole group based on a few

I'm calling about the comment "Latina embarrassed over own culture." I, too, would have been upset to witness someone throw garbage outside their car window but to trash an entire group of people based on the irresponsible actions of a few individuals is wrong. Scapegoating does not improve the situation; it only justifies racist stereotypes.

• Betting Jeff gets attacked personally

I read Benziger's recent column on the Walmart Supercenter and it kind of opened my eyes. He made some great points, especially when he pointed out that Sherri Jacobson's complaints of a cookie cutter design are flimsy when noting that the Supercenter and Community Center have similar design aspects. I didn't catch that and he did and I think the center is a really attractive building. That vacant land will never be used for ag, which Jeff pointed out and it the shopping center is zoned for it.

I'd bet Jeff gets attacked instead of the opponents speaking directly to the points he made.

• Libs squawked about Bush wars but...

I gotta admit, after eight years of bashing Bush for going to war in Afghanistan and of course Iraq, I'm amazed at the silence from the left after this Administration's kinetic military operation, AKA, war in Libya. Isn't this a sovereign nation too? Next I hear is Yemin. And that pesky War Powers Act that was so important during the last Administration now seems to be just a bump in the road to war wherever this Administration perceives it can get some short-term political advantage by doing so. Under the current policy, apparently these decisions are all made at the executive level; no need to get the cabinet or that irrelevant U.S. Congress involved. This Administration seems to feel very satisfied with the advice and consent it's getting from someone else. What a mess. On the one hand, it's good we're drawing back on Iraq and Afghanistan because we'll need the money for Syria, Somalia and finally Iran. We are watching the seeds of World War III being planted ... and I am waiting to fear any coherent plan to deal with any of it.

Anybody else notice this stuff? It's now no "big" stuff any more because we have a new Administration. What happened to our national media?

• All have a right to their say

Seriously, Benziger, get a life. You're repeating yourself too much about how you think everyone who speaks at the Walmart Supercenter hearings are wasting yours and Ceres leaders' time. People have the right to use the three minutes at the podium as they wish but then again you don't like our concerns because you know better than the rest of us.