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Sound Off! calls published June 4, 2008
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• P.O. breeding mosquitos

Here's an interesting question. There is a standing pond of water in the vacant lot on the south side of the Ceres Mitchell Post Office breeding mosquitos. It's been there for six months that I know of from some sort of leaking irrigation set up. With all the talk about West Nile Virus, why wouldn't somebody do something about that like stop the leak? Get rid of the standing water? Eliminate the threat to public health.

• Teacher being penalized?

I am a parent of a middle school student at Whitmore Charter School of Technology. I have just received notification that a highly dedicated and highly passionate teacher, Eric Gillis, has just received a letter for an involuntary transfer. This news is exceedingly disappointing, as he is one of the founding fathers of WCST. When the school opened up five years ago, Principal Matthew Shipley carefully selected a fine group of teachers. Unfortunately, WCST no longer has this principal who worked so hard to create what WCST is today. The culprit behind this atrocious decision is the current principal, Paula Smith.

Our middle school team is comprised of three of its original teachers who first started the school. At this time there is only a total of five original teacher total, as many new faces have entered the classrooms. Eric, like the other middle school teachers, possesses an incredible amount of commitment to his students. He is being penalized for a quality that all parents hope to instill in their own children, which is leadership. Eric is a teacher that speaks up for the students and continues to engage them in their educational experiences. WCST middle school students have been blessed with such fantastic teachers! They truly represent an exceptional group of teachers that I thank for being my child's teachers. They have made a difference in our children's lives. As a parent, I feel blessed.

I am very concerned that Eric's notification will lead to additional teachers leaving, which would be detrimental to our children. WCST needs Eric, as he has demonstrated his aspiration to represent a model teacher in the classroom at WCST. Eric Gillis is a key component in the middle school, so why is he being removed?

• Keyes lunches are lacking

I want to say something about the lunches at Keyes Elementary School. You know, he kids anymore don't even get a dessert and when they have chicken nuggets they only get like three or four and a little bit of salad. My grandkids go down there and I feed them breakfast in the morning before they go to school but when they get home they're starved. Why are they not getting a dessert to be filled up before they get home. I pay for their lunches. There's a lot of reduced lunches. I pay the full price and as a grandparent I think they should get a decent lunch.

A couple of those ladies down there, I talk to them about it and they're very rude about it. So I thought maybe they could read maybe they would understand why I'm upset.