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Sound Off! calls published June 8, 2011
• No shortcuts to avoid lights

Has anyone else had cars, pickups and large trucks speeding down their neighborhood streets? Drivers are driving around the traffic lights of our major thoroughfares thinking they are saving time. What they are really doing is causing major traffic problems in our neighborhoods, which may cause traffic accidents to pedestrians as well as vehicles. Please, fellow citizens of Ceres, don't cut through our neighborhoods just to save a little time. You may safe a life.

• Latina embarrassed over own culture

I'm calling about the article, "Offended by comment" about the paper printing the comment on "Trashing of America..." I, too, am a Hispanic woman who has lived in Ceres for over 30 years and I'm not appalled by the comment that the individual made because unfortunately I have seen so much of this myself and it's very disturbing to me. And people wonder why people get upset and they say Hispanics do this and Hispanics do that. Well, unfortunately it's true. And I try to teach all my nieces and nephews to respect their neighborhood and respect their town and respect their city.

I'm sorry if this offends you but take a look. I'm embarrassed for my own culture. I really am. I know it's a hard thing to say but I wish people would be neater and cleaner and have respect for everybody else's property so we can all live together - Hispanics people, black people, white people. It's a rainbow of people but we all need to respect other people's property because we live here. I'm sorry our city is trashed and Hispanics make up the majority of our city. Think about that.

• Caller doesn't know whole story of EBTers

I'm calling in response to "Tired of seeing EBT cards being abused." I could understand if the person actually knew what was going on with these people but to sit there and criticize that they know they're gang members or drug addicts... where does he get his data from? I think all this did was reveal some nosey bigot who has nothing better to do. He or she should go ahead and trust the county for what they're doing and whom they assign these cards to instead of make a false judgement on somebody's outlook.

• Early inmate releases due to unions, Dems

All credit has to go to the Democrats and unions for the upcoming and unwelcome release of thousands of criminals from our prisons. Working hand in hand, they've brought us to the point where it costs more to support the bureaucracy of the California prison system than it does to adequately protect us by keeping our criminals in jail. In other words, it costs so much to catch, prosecute and guard criminals that we now have to limit the number of criminals we imprison. Thanks Democrats and union leaders. If I decide to become a criminal, you'll be my new best friends.

• Why didn't they deport him the first time?

I'm calling regarding the gentleman who was here from Mexico (murder suspect Jose Ramos Negrete-Arriola). My question is why was he (originally) stopped and let go if he was in the country illegally? That's what I'm not following. They were unaware of his murder warrant but if he didn't have a drivers' license they still let him go. I understand that's what we do in this country. It's pathetic.

• Security guards ruined graduation

I attended the Mae Hensley graduation last week. I was very disgusted at the way the security handled the graduation. I went to sit with my family and friends since the gates were open but I was told that I was not able to go and sit with my family, which seemed stupid to me. The excuse they used was that there wasn't room on the field, but there were children running and playing.

It is an important milestone in life. I was not able to be with my family and friends to witness the graduation. I feel the way that the security handled this matter was wrong. They had security watching me like I was some kind of criminal. These people need to be given a class in etiquette and how to treat people.

• Who would have been that crazy?

It's quite fascinating that the new X-men movie made it look like the United States would only put missiles close to the USSR if it were forced to do so by a raving madman. Nope. The USA was the only raving madman at the time, first surrounding the USSR with nuclear missiles (we put them in Turkey, The UK, and Italy) then acting shocked when the USSR threatened to do the same to us. Luckily, the USSR backed off, or "blinked," as it was called at the time. Otherwise, none of us would be here.

• Ceres is becoming runned down

Just getting tired of watching my city turn into Los Angeles or worse. As an example, in my neighborhood of Boothe Road, which was a nice neighborhood at one time, has become the airport district of Ceres. I have a neighbor who has a, well I would call it a garage sale but we'll call it flea market now because they do it daily and they get away with it.