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Sound Off! calls published June 9, 2010
• Teachers need to stop whining

I'd just like to comment about the teachers. I know the teachers are suffering right now with the loss of money but I don't think it's fair to the children or citizens. I believe that every child should have a clear chance at the future. They are the future.

The state's in a big crisis right now and I do believe that if it takes cutting a little bit of money out of their paycheck, that should ... stop crying over it and grow up and ... do it for the kids and not for yourselves.

• Shame on booze serving officers

Shame Ceres police officers. You should do better than that. CYB had a dinner-dance on Saturday, May 15, at Tuolumne River Lodge and the Ceres Police Officers Association hosted the bar. I know of two underage girls who had gotten drunk. Now whether they sold the drinks to adults and the adults allowed this, or vice versa, but there should be better responsibility from the police officers. Shame on you and police the area better than that.

• Obamanos senor el presidente

We recently returned from our foray into Arizona and while there we witnessed a very interesting bumper sticker: "Vote Early! Obamanos!"

• It's time to grow up, CYB officials!

I was in line at the snack bar at CYB. The head lady in charge of the snack bar told a young girl wearing a Smash softball shirt that she would serve her if she took the shirt off. I asked people questions. Smash is a softball organization and has girls from Ceres playing on it. That's what I understand. And the Ceres people who run CYB are upset at Smash. They're teaching girls how to play so that must mean the people at CYB can't get the job done. And then not serve a kid because of his shirt is ridiculous. It's time to grow up CYB! And hurray for Smash softball girls!

• Ag teachers doing their best

The Ag Department at Central Valley is busy doing things that that not most teachers would do. One of the teachers help me so much on repairing lawnmowers he set time away from working to help me. So whatever someone wants to say about the staff of CVHS they are wrong. They do more than they get paid for.

• Thieves stealing mail from box

I always like to warn all the people in Ceres/Modesto area if you put mail in the outside mailbox at CVS Pharmacy, do not be surprised if your mail did not go on through. I have found mail in the garbage can right across from it that has not been processed and the Police Department and the Post Office have been notified, so has CVS Pharmacy. This has happened four times that I know of because I've seen the mail in the trash and reported it all.

• We don't act like we're all Americans

I'm responding to the man who called in about the Mexican-American issue. In the very last line he states that we're all Americans. That is the issue right there: We are not all Americans. If he's a law-abiding taxpayer also he's paying for these other people too so he should be with us on this. That's what most of us are finally realizing. We've had these laws all along; it's just a matter of we need to enforce them. If you're going to be in the country, do it legally.

• At least they're not getting pink slips

The teachers should probably stop and acknowledge that they are not being issued pink slips when they very well could have. I'm presently living on unemployment and in comparison to my paycheck it is greater than an 8.5 percent pay cut; it's darn near 50 percent. I would like them to stop and consider how they would live on half of their paycheck. It's pretty amazing that Ceres has opted not to lay off any teacher and they can go on with their jobs.