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Sound Off! calls published March 17, 2010
• Waste of money mindboggling

Am I the only one who finds it amazing that the United States government would waste the money to send me a letter to tell me they are going to send me a letter? We have been watching the promotional spots on television for weeks, and reading the blurbs in the newspapers, and hearing the spots on radio. Do they not think we are smart enough to recognize a letter from the Census Bureau when it hits our mailboxes? I thought this country was in a financial crisis. How can they justify spending all that money just to be sure they count every legal citizen and every illegal immigrant living here?

It boggles my mind!

• Rudeness is he rule, not the exception

Hello Jeff, thanks for the article, "What's up with societal rudeness these days?" I agree. Rudeness is the rule not the exception here in the valley (Ceres). I moved here four years ago from San Jose and have had a very hard time adjusting to the demographics here, i.e., uneducated and rude selfish people. Unfortunately hearing from people like yourself things are getting worse. I will not raise my children in this type of enviroment. There is more bad folks than good folks here. Too bad.

• Column only the tip of the iceberg

Jeff, your editorial on March 10 about how societal rudeness prevails these days in the Central Valley was only the tip of the iceberg. Maybe we need to examine the rules dogs have to follow at parks to learn how to improve the poor manners of human beings. Most dog parks offer an environment that is safe and clean for both dogs and their owners. But the dog park environment requires that humans follow some rules as well as the dogs. Maybe society isn't doing its job of posting what is appropriate and tolerable behavior. My parents only instilled a sense of what's right and what's wrong and I still carry these values with me today. But I see generations of people my age and younger who have no clue about appropriate behavior and dress, not to mention what it means to be gracious, kind, polite and caring. If people stop focussing on being seen or being oogled perhaps they would recognize the value of substance above image.

If we blame Hollywood I think we are mistakenly overlooking what entertainment is: just entertainment. Good behavior comes from good parenting. Parents who want good behavior will be role models of good behaviors, and they will provide a safe, loving environment. They will spend time with their children, including time at the dinner table. And parents who communicate their values and expectations to their kids will get better results than parents who don't know what their kids are doing.

• Jeff whines too much

This comment is for Mr. Jeff. I'm reading this rudeness column that you've printed up and I have to say, you're the whiniest person I've ever heard.

First of all, if someone's phone is loud, maybe they can't hear very well.

Secondly, if someone's smoking by the door, sit farther back or go home and eat. You don't make the rules on who can smoke where. If there was a problem then maybe the management should have gone out there and asked the person to leave.

Thirdly, this whole pajama bottom situation is ridiculous. Look at society. Look at the economy. Maybe this person hasn't done laundry or maybe this person couldn't afford to buy pants.

Not to mention if somebody is thumping their music, I'm sure they're allowed to do that before a certain time. If you're at AM/PM, look where's you're at - you're at AM/PM, not at some five-star dining restaurant. Don't you dare blame Hollywood for anything. That's just wrong.

You're a whiny man.

• Commending Ceres Police

I would like to write to commend the Ceres Police Department for something small that is significant and important to us. This past weekend there were some kids smoking pot at a local park while almost two dozen children were present playing and running around the park. After my family arrived and wanted to allow our child to play we called the CPD and within three to four minutes a car was on the scene ushering them away. We the citizens should not be afraid of those around us that do not obey the law. What you do in the privacy of your home is your business, but once you are in public and around our children you are fair game, so do it at home or don't do it at all.

With all the horror stories we hear of police not responding in bigger cities, it's a pleasure to know that CPD responds when your citizens call. Thank you for all you do, my family and I appreciate you!