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Sound Off! calls published March 23, 2011
• Bravo on tattoo commentary

Jeff, just wanted to drop you a quick note and say bravo! Very well written article. As an employer at a financial firm in Merced, I will not hire anyone with visible tattoos or outrageous piercings. I cannot afford to have my company's reputation marred by someone who has marred themselves. I agreed with every one of your points. Thank you!

By the way, this publication is so much better than the Sun-Star.

• Ceres: Progress Stops Here

Instead of spending a half million to refurbish the Ceres water tower, buy 20 gallons of paint and add three words to the name and say Ceres: Progress Stops Here.

• Shame on other stores for not upgrading

I was one of the people who attended the Feb. 22 meeting on Walmart. It was a very good meeting. I tried to see both sides. Yes, I am sure if I was losing my job I wouldn't like it. But I also know probably a lot of the people are union members, which I am glad they were but they should consider dropping their own wages and dropping their own prices in the stores then maybe we'd be more apt to shop in their stores. I know a lot of seniors who live around here who would love to shop here at one-stop shopping. most seniors only get $850 a month. By the time they can pay their bills they don't have much left and can't afford to go to those stores.

I even heard one person say, "I don't want to lose my job. What will I do? Have to go to Walmart and work?" Well, don't belittle people who work at Walmart. They are good, hard-working people.

The biggest thing is there's been so many times that other stores have had the opportunity to get better and they didn't take that opportunity. Shame on them.

• City streets crew disappointed

I'm calling in regard of a paint spill that happened on Glasgow Drive on Monday, March 16. A truck going through a three-way stop had accidentally drop some paint out of the bed of the truck. Several people called into street maintenance to clean it up. When street maintenance showed up they had proceeded to clean it up, or so we thought. They dumped what I believe to be kitty litter on the paint, shovel up a little of it, then told us the street sweeper would come by twice tomorrow. I have not seen a street sweeper yet. I am very disappointed with street maintenance crew. They complained the entire time and never finished the job. Our street looks horrible!

• Alliance is drinking Walmart Kool-Aid

To me it is beyond comprehension why members of the Alliance went door to door to speak to Ceres small retailers. How long has the Alliance been drinking Walmart's Kool-Aid? Do they believe in Walmart's business model and now condone exploitation? For all the good that the Alliance has done for Stanislaus County, perhaps it has lost it's value in Ceres because the Alliance is more interested in the dollar.