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Sound Off! calls published March 3, 2010
• Ice cream man in unsafe place

I'm calling about the ice cream man that parks on the corner of Garrison and Moffet each day after school. It's really a difficult time to getting out to pick up your child. He attracts a large crowd so you're not able to see around his vehicle. I know it's a public parking area and it's not painted red so he is legal to publicly park there but the crowd he draws you're not able to see around. Prior to him parking there he did park down the road away. I just wish he would reconsider where he parks so we can cross the road safely and it would be safer for the kids also because they're just taking off from there and just crossing Moffet, not watching where they're crossing. They're just crossing in front of the cars. So I would really appreciate this gentleman considering where he parks.

• Sabatino is such a joke

Sabatino, what a joke. The illustrious ex mayor of Modesto who was soundly defeated for re-election in 2003 is again running for county supervisor. Over the past 30 years Sabatino has run for office many, many times; he was selected only once - what an accomplishment. During his four years' tenure as mayor he was very polarizing, very controversial. He accomplished very little. He has always sought attention. He is a very insecure person as most politicians are. He is a political hack. The authorities have always been on his tail. Let's be sure he loses his final race in June of this year - then and only then will he finally return under a rock where he belongs.

• Thanks for story on Wayne Salter

Just want to congratulate Jeff Benziger on his feature story of one of Ceres most humble citizens, Wayne Salter. This man and his family are definitely an asset to our community.

• Ceres librarians most helpful

I would just like to mention how my experiences at the Ceres Library my last two visits have been wonderful. I'm currently taking a college course that requires me to gather a lot of research material. Whenever I needed help finding a call number for a book, I only needed to ask the librarians and they were more than willing to help. They were efficient, kind, and very polite.

• Wayne is a wonderful man!

Thank you for the article! Wayne is one of the most wonderful men to walk the earth! I have always admired and loved him!

•Ya'll invited to Central Valley Christian

I go to Central Valley Christian Church and I'm inviting anyone who is looking for a home church Easter Sunday. Looking forward to seeing anybody who would like to go. Our pastor's name is Rob Hidahl. We have a great service and close-knit family. We have two other pastors who are very wonderful.

• What happened to Walmart Supercenter?

I'm calling in regards to the Ceres Walmart Supercenter we're supposed to be getting? Has anything been heard?

And also, I thought at one time we were getting a walk-in theater. I'd like to know what's going on with that one too.

(Editor's note: The Supercenter hasn't even gone before the city Planning Commission. The walk-in theater proposal was back in the 1990s and never materializes because of politics within the local movie theater business community.)