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Sound Off! calls published May 11, 2011
• Looky lou's impedes firefighters

I am proud to be a resident of Ceres. But I have to say I am very disappointed in many of its citizens on Tuesday, May 3 at around the 7 p.m. hour.

I am writing this at 7:50 p.m. I am not sure what happened yet - but an explosion occurred in my neighborhood and a house was burning. You could hear the emergency response team, fire and police trying to respond. However, the idiot people who live who knows where came out of the woodwork and converged by vehicle no less into the neighborhood making it very hard for the response teams to get to the area. Any sane person knows to run from an explosion not to one!

My neighbor and I did the best we could to get these gawkers to keep moving trying to keep the streets clear for emergency responders.

If you are reading this and you were one of those who did not live within one block of this incident and you just had to get in your car to see what was going on, shame on you! I assume that you also do not have the sense to pull over for emergency vehicles either.

It is one thing to render aide to someone in need as a first responder yourself. But it is awful to just want to be a witness to someone else's misery.

• Add groceries to the existing Walmart

You bad boys and girls from Arkansas, you might want to cut your losses now. Clean up that dirty store of yours at the corner of Mitchell and Hatch roads and add your groceries to the existing store so the poor people of this community can have their one-stop shopping and the rest of us can build a community that they want that doesn't include a Supercenter facing Highway 99.

• Why was a perfectly good sign replaced?

I was amazed to see that the city of Ceres has plenty of money. Maybe they will quit charging us taxes on our utilities. On Friday, April 22, a city of Ceres truck was out changing a stop sign at Shushan and Garrison. This old sign was in good condition, no hole, writing or rust. The difference was so small you would probably have to put them side by side to tell the difference. Couldn't this money been spent on a better use?

• Vacant site has been zoned commercial

I have two questions for all these people on Don Pedro who are protesting the shopping center. Did you not take a look around before you bought or moved in? You surely would have seen a vacant field and known decades ago that this was zoned for commercial. Are your heads in the sand?

Also, did you not notice trucks going down your street and know that it was a truck route?

Get a clue. Move out if you don't like who your new neighbors are going to be.

• Citizens for Ceres, Jacobson hypocrites

I read Craig Keesler's letter on Sherri Jacobson. I think this woman is a hypocrite. On March 16 her letter to the Courier said, "I'm pleased that we have a Planning Commission that is willing to ask hard questions about the project and not just rubber stamp Walmart's request." Then she and her group states that the commission ignored their concerns and has done an aboutface and files an appeal. Which is it? Is the commission only good when you think they are going to vote it down and bad when they vote for it?

If Jacobson and company deny Walmart use of their property, I say to Walmart should sue Citizens for Ceres.

• City employees can use their own vehicle

Why is it that, in a time of budget cuts, the city of Ceres, we are allowing city fire vehicles to drive to and from with non fire personal in the vehicle to church? This doesn't make any since to me. We, the citizens of Ceres, are paying for the gas that is in that vehicle to drive all the way to Modesto and back. Why can't they use their own vehicle like everyone else?