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Sound Off! calls published May 25, 2011
• Congratulations on Street Faire

I'd like to say congratulations to the Ceres Street Faire Committee and our mayor, and our police chief. Everything went off great. The people were great. The food was great. I was down there most the day, didn't see any problems, everybody had a good time. It was one of the best. Thanks for everything!

• Sick and tired of DBT card being abused

Are you sick and tired of seeing able-bodied people abusing DBT cards. On an almost daily basis, I go to a convenience store by my work and home only to find able-bodied drug addicts and/or gang members swiping those DBT cards. I find it very disgusting to be supporting these social parasites and I am sick and tired.

• Cars being broken into so where are cops?

Where are you, patrol cars? It's been one week and on my street I've had two cars broken into a combination of three times (one was in the middle of the afternoon) and I'm sick of it. I would like to let anyone know that if you decide to break into another car on Glasgow Drive in Ceres that I will be watching and I will be waiting (Neighborhood Watch!). And just to let you know there are cameras set up now that are recording at all times!

• Emergency vehicles must be ready to roll

This is Syndi McLelland and you can post my name. I was reading the "Sound Off!" this Wednesday concerning a city employee taking a city vehicle into Modesto to a church. My comprehension is any emergency vehicle like that be with the employee who is supposed to be ready in case there is an emergency and they can get to the emergency faster. That is why the vehicles are given to the employees to be used 24 hours 7 because they're all on call for any emergency that can happen.

I know the public doesn't understand that. I personally like to know that somebody is out there 24/7 good to go. That is why it's a necessity for emergency staff to have those vehicles 24/7.

• Church received its stolen sign back

This is Pastor Rob Hidahl of Central Valley Christian Church. The sign reappeared so thank God for that.

• Muslim response is deafening

This week two Muslims strapped on bomb vests and killed at least 80 Muslims, wounded at last 120 other Muslims in response to the killing of bin Laden by Americans. I keep waiting for a response from the Muslims who care about the Muslims who are killing the Muslims. And the silence is frightening.

• Offended by comment, paper printing it

I am calling about the "Trashing of America has got to stop." I am personally offended. I have lived in this city for 30 years and I'm a hispanic woman and just because somebody has a Mexican flag does not mean that they are not from this country.

I find it appalling that almost every article that I've read in this newspaper has some form of racism towards hispanics. You need to open up your eyes that this community is made up of many hispanics who are successful, good people. I thought we lived in a community that didn't have so much racism and I am appalled that you allow this in this newspaper. We have every right to be here. We're all a community. Racism needs to stop. Why are you condoning it by putting this in the newspaper? It's ridiculous and it's sickening.

• Someone always has to tear things up

I'm at the Ceres Laundromat on Pine Street and this lady takes real good care of her stuff. Well, she's got a marble table for everybody to sit on and I'm here now and someone broke it. It seems like you cannot have anything unless they're writing gang graffiti or breaking stuff. Maybe because they've never had a damn thing to take care of. Maybe if they did and someone came and tore their stuff up maybe they wouldn't do it any more.

It's pretty sad when people destroy everything you have.

• Help with cemetery flags is welcome

The American Legion Post 491 of Ceres wishes to invite any citizen who would like help put up the Avenue of Flags at Ceres Memorial Park on Monday, May 30 to please come out at 6:15 a.m. All help is welcome. The memorial service will be at 10 a.m.

• When the little man disappears, who?

Big question. What will happen when all the little hard-working people are layed off from their jobs and there isn't anyone left to do the work? Are the big money makers going to be able to get the work done without them? Who will pay all the income tax when due?

Think about it. Who will be the one to put the blame on them?