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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 16, 2011
• Paranoid neighbor scared her off

On Oct. 22 my real estate agent took my husband and myself looking for a home to purchase and we were looking at a home. We loved the home. We got out to the neighborhood and noticed at the house next door (3900 block of Cedar Springs) there was four cameras on it, which alarmed us that maybe it's a high crime court or maybe there's paranoid people or a very disliked neighbor that lives there.

My suggestion to people who are looking in the area - as we have always lived in Ceres and are trying to downsize on our home - check out the area first. You never know what's out there. Just because it's a court doesn't mean it's the safest place to live. Perhaps you may not want to live next door to a home with cameras on it. Being recorded all the time seems like a violation of privacy to me.

• Concerns about helping troubled officer

I was kind of curious about the Crime Digest section of the Nov. 2 Courier. The article is titled "Felon wrestles officer." I, for one, would have tried to help the officer if I thought the officer needed help. Not knowing all the circumstances maybe I would have thought the officer had it under control. I could see a lot of things going wrong for any intervention from the honest citizen, such as other officers deeming the honest citizen is a bad guy, not to mention getting your own self.

• Return grandson's stolen pumpkin

Return my grandson's stolen pumpkin. My grandson's pumpkin was stolen off his porch on Halloween night. It's a ceramic pumpkin that lights up. I'd like you to return it.

Also, I'd like to see all the high schoolers stay home (on Halloween). This is for the kids.

• Don Pedro School needs crosswalk

I'm calling in regards to Don Pedro Elementary School. I just received a letter last night saying they're getting ready to put a crosswalk in front of the school. I think it's a great idea. It's needed because there's nowhere to cross since they put in that drop off zone.

Also, the other problem with the drop off zone in the morning you have the kids out there supposed to do their job and moving the cars on... people are still just leaving their cars there, walking off, people are honking at each other, cussing at each other. The kids in the front are not doing their job.

After school the kids are out there at 5 o'clock. I watch as the teachers all walk to the side of the school to the parking lot to their cars and not one teacher is out in front of the school. The kids just wait there all alone by themselves. My concern is Daylight Savings Time has coming and what's going to happen? Who's going to supervise these kids? This is a concern that needs to be addressed.

Don Pedro, you're doing a great job but there's things here that are out of control.

• Trash collector needs follow-up clean-up

I'm writing in about the man or woman who goes around Ceres and picks up our trash cans on trash day. Why is it that you do your job so horribly? The morning of trash day I wake up and look out my front windows and there's trash all up and down my street. Or I wake up and my trash was never picked up? It wasn't overfilled. It wasn't filled too tightly. So why is it that I have to go two weeks with built-up trash?

The town I had come from used two guys in their pick-up service. One who drove and the other one who got out and made sure no trash was left behind. For example, if trash fell on the ground they picked it up. If something was lodged they pulled it out. If the can fell over it got picked up.

What do I need to do? Wait early in the morning on my curb to make sure you do your job right?

• TID rates are getting out of hand

I just want to comment on TID's rates. They're getting out of hand uncontrollably. We paid a lot of money during the summer months and we did not change our thermostat and we're paying like $40 to $50 more for our electric bill this year. I mean, $170 (per month) for a 1,200 square foot house is ridiculous. We're keeping it at the temperatures they're telling us to keep them at.

I'm sure people in town feel the same way.