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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 5, 2007
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• Plants belong to God

I'm calling from 1112 Vito Avenue, the Full Gospel Truth Church. Someone keeps stealing our plants and our hanging baskets around the church. These are not my hanging plants and plants that I plant in the ground; they are God's plants and they need to leave them alone.

• Thanks to good Samaritan

I'd like to make a tribute to a man I don't know. He lives over on Faith Home Road. It's just too bad that we don't all take the pride in our country as this man does. I have seen him twice in the last two weeks cleaning the stop sign on Faith Home and Service because someone has been so disgracefully inconsiderate to put grafitti on it. I just want to honor those who do take pride in our country by doing things like that or even other things that are super. I just can't say enough.

• Benge trial was too delayed

I am amazed that it would take so long for this (Benge) case to come to trial. How could anyone do this is just pure evil. I hope that these men will pay for the evil that they have created. But I am sure as a paper you will cover this because you are the hometown paper where this man was from. I look forward to reading updates on this case. I remember when it happened how could anyone forget this murder and the murder of the cop it took my heart away that someone could be so evil.

• Grandkids always welcome

In response to "I don't want to see my grandma," I know that my grandchildren love me and I love them. And we've had so many good times together. All those spaghetti dinners and baking cakes and cookies and shopping and going to the park and our trips to Pismo. Those are the things that I think about. My relationship with your mom should not have any reflection upon our relationship. As you get older and experience life, I'm hoping you will remember those wonderful times and that I love you. My door will always be open to all of you. I love you.

• Lopsided coverage?

I wanted to file a complaint in coverage of Central Valley's Homecoming and Ceres High's Homecoming. All of the candidates at Ceres High get their picture in the paper prior to the Homecoming game. Usually only our winners, and not all of them get their pictures in the paper after they've been crowned. This year I see that you did make a little bit better effort at getting more pictures in the paper. But I also see that the junior boys aren't represented even by the winner. I understand it may be Central Valley's fault, it may be the paper's fault but it really doesn't matter. It would just be nice to see the coverage the same. I was born and raised in Ceres. It's important for all of us who know children in Ceres to see these kids and we'd like to see them ahead of time if possible. But if not, at least all of them being represented afterwards.

(Editor's note: CHS always calls us ahead of time to get us out for photos of the candidates. CVHS has not.)

• Congratulations, George!

Congratulations George for making captain. Words can't say how proud I am of you. I always knew you could do it. Good luck!

• Tamales have no standards

(Name of store withheld) has been promoting tamale sale in their parking lot right there at the corner of Hatch and Mitchell. There are no standards they go by and they're just sold right out of a trunk of a car. They've got friends and relatives doing this. I'm afraid someone's going to get sick by it. I think (store name withheld) needs to stop and someone needs to let it be known. For those of you who care about the food safety standards of our country, you need to step up and let them know.

• Apartments falling apart

I'm calling in regards to Sierra View Apartments at 2121 Moffet. I'm really upset how this place has gone downhill since the manager, Linda Bertolloti has left. Davis Paul has hired another woman to replace her and this woman has never been in property management before. And her lack of experience shows it. Her standard reply for any Section 8 question is: "I don't know. I've never been trained." Linda was never trained either but got all the books concerning Section 8 and other low-income programs and learned herself. She was awesome not only at the job but as a person. If you had bad credit, Linda worked with you. She was there for you.

This was such a place to live while she was here. People swimming with all their clothes on so the pump can plug up and break and then we don't have anything for the summer. The laundry room's absolutely filthy. It has not been cleaned since hiring this woman. The garbage is all over. Cats running wild, pooping in everything. Kids tearing things up for a lack of parental supervision. All this lady does is sit in the office with everything closed up.

It's not welcoming like before.

You could always find Linda somewhere on the ground cleaning. Mr. Singh has no idea he's about to lose all of his Section 8. They said they may raise the rent to $750 per month. Seventy percent of the good people are looking for a new place.

For anyone who's interested, on Kristopherson Way in Turlock they're building a huge apartment complex for low-income and the place is beautiful. So if you're interested just go by there and get the number. The name of it, I believe, is Sierra Oaks.