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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 9, 2011
• We have another empty store

I don't know what Ceres is thinking when they allow CVS to tear down some beautiful homes to put up a new building across from Walgreen's when they have a perfectly good building where they're at on Hatch Road. Now we have yet another empty store.

• Citizens haven't earned nor shown respect

After reading some of these calls about Ms. Jacobson's supposed group. I just thought the gall of this lady to stand there and talk that Walmart should have respect the community. Walmart has done everything they possibly can to respect this community. Who's not respecting who?

You get respect when you give respect.

These people (Citizens for Ceres) have not given out respect from Day one. They have not addressed the fact of how many want this Walmart Supercenter in and with this many people they need to be able to get it built. This woman thinks she's the only one who should be respected. It never seems to be enough.

Jacobson said her group will not allow Walmart to disrespect our community. Well, why in the world is she so disrespectful to our community? I think the citizens for this Walmart should sue the Citizens for Ceres that are causing all the problems.

• Please update on wife's leukemia

(Jeff) please keep up on your wife's cancer treatment because we are all praying for her and I know how hard it is to go to work and try to keep your mind off of that and they tell you you're supposed to leave your emotions at the door before you go to work but I do know hard it is. I've had people with cancer and unfortunately some of them has passed away and I really would like to keep updated on her condition.

• Walmart EIR was an empty analysis

Regarding the Supercenter debate, Ceres residents do not have the facts as they have been fed propaganda by the powerful Walmart machine and bullied by the Ceres Courier. Many of my friends believe Ceres accepted an empty environmental impact report. I am calling go get 'em Citizens for Ceres. It is inspiring to see a group stand up against Walmart.

• Illegals getting away with far too much

I'm calling in response to "We're just pointing out the obvious," (Nov. 3 "Sound Off! column). I couldn't agree more. It's unbelievable what they're getting away with. If I get caught with a bag of food I can't tell them it's from Mexico and get away with it. I'm going to jail. Just because they're from Mexico? They (illegals) need to go home.

What I really notice in the last month or two is community leaders the term has changed from the term "illegal alien" to "undocumented." I mean, come on. The term is "illegal" and "illegal" is illegal. Send them home.

• 'Citizens for Ceres,' get over it

I'm calling about Ken Lane's letter to the newspaper on Nov. 3 about the Walmart and about all the rumors flying. I'm supporting the City Council and I think they went through due process in .... voting for it. The people who are against Walmart just kind of need to get over it.

I personally was not for Walmart moving down the street. I shop at Walmart quite a bit and worked for Walmart for a number of years. It's said and done. It went through ...and people supported it. Just move forward and get over it.

• Agrees with editor over Walmart

I am calling in reference to Jeff Benziger's column, "Walmart foes should come clean.") I totally agree with him. Enough is enough. I think it's time for the 10,000 plus supporters of the Walmart to fight back. There's no doubt that this Sherri Jacobson is a puppet on a string with a wooden head and the local grocery stores and their unions are pulling the strings and paying the bills for the opposition.

This Mitchell Ranch project will give Ceres a real boost with services and jobs we need. I can only hope that Walmart counter sues Sherri Jacobson and any and all people and companies involved in this suit. This suit has to do with restraint of trade, unfair business practices and discrimination against larger stores like Walmart.

I myself and several other people I know are no longer buying groceries from Ceres. We're taking our business to Turlock and Modesto until Walmart wins. We have strength in numbers - all 10,000 plus of us. We can all boycott Ceres groceries and their grocery store unions that want to pick our pockets by limiting competition. We can hit them where it hurts - in their pockets and income. Together we can put pressure on them to drop the lawsuit against the city of Ceres.