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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 17, 2007
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• Consultant for downtown explanation?

Please, can someone tell me or explain why the Ceres City Council has to pay Berkeley's Design $350,000 to find a way to revamp our downtown? Who came up with the idea of the clock in the roundabout and is it insured for all the drunk drivers who miss the roundabout?

If DC&E is gonna spend a year gathering information from city staff, buysiness owners and the public, too, on how to expand housing opportunities and promote economic development, why not just have our own intelligent and wise and creative citizens of Ceres volunteer to do the job for a thank you. But government has to pay unrealistic prices to do any job out there. Why is everyone in politics so incompetent and make such stupid decisions?

If God helps us with all decisions, we'd be way better off. But everyone wants God out of city business.

• Positive effect of CHP officer

I hope the CHP officer who was so patient with my son reads this. Thank you for being a great example of what patrol officers should be. I think you made such a positive impact on my son at such a crucial age and time in his life. Thank you for being more concerned for his life than your ego. Thank you for your words and concern. Your mature acts will have a far greater positive effect on him than you know.

• Problems with Post Office

I like to ask the one who called in about the "Post office doing a good job," what are you doing to get a good job? For nine months I have not been getting all my mail. On the mail returned there is a yellow stickers, "This box is closed." This is a lie; I pay my box every year as soon as it is due.

We talked to the postmaster several times and all he says is he is "working on it."

Then when I'm called about my bills are late and they charge me a late fee. So I have to pay a late fee on all my bills and I'm used to paying my bills as soon as I receive them. I have never had to pay a late fee.

We are just hoping one of these days this problem will be solved. Then I can say the Ceres Post Office is doing a good job!

• Something to hide?

As a member of the Ceres community and faithful subscriber of the Courier for over 15 years, I could not help but have questions about your article regarding police brutality on Oct. 10. We are often informed of the highs and lows of our community, no matter how minor they are. My question is how come this riot occured in the midst of our community over a month ago and there has been no reference made about it prior to these young adults going before the City Council? There was recently an article published on Oct. 3 regarding a "weekend of hell" for police officers, but if this incident on Sept. 8 was so horrendous for officers, why did we not hear about that also? It would lead a reasonable person to suspect that perhaps some of these officers have something to hide.

• No special privileges

After reading the article of this so-called police brutality, it made me think that if you are a son of a city employee and are a minority you think you can break the law without anyone questioning you. You cannot have a large party that is allowed to be out of control, breaking several laws in the process. It's that simple. It is not what race you happen to be.

All officers deserve our respect for putting themselves in danger and then having to deal with and ungrateful public.