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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 27, 2010
• Please clean up yard on Central

Is there any way the fourth house on Central Avenue from Don Pedro can clean up its act? It's really sad when you see junk all over the yard and it looks like a drug house anyway.

• Wish we had school vouchers

I wish we had school vouchers. I send my daughter to Central Catholic High School because I believe there's a direct relationship between student success and teacher accountability. Our students overwhelmingly go to college and we are successful in team sports, all because teachers and coaches must do good or we get rid of them.

• Body part name is not shameful

The person who called in complaining about "boobies" being such a distasteful term has mine in an uproar. I pray they don't get someone like you to run this campaign where I wouldn't give a stiff neck like you a dime. Call my breasts anything you like as long as isn't in disrespect - girls, ta-tas, boobies - they are part of my body and there is no shame or disrespect in referring to them as that. Try getting out and helping raise awareness and money instead of criticizing what you consider an inappropriate term.

• Thought about mock water billing

I'm calling about the proposed water rates and mock billing. I hope the City Council takes into consideration the water rates seriously because I can see people getting higher water rates and stop watering their yards. You'll be driving through Ceres and looking at a bunch of dead yards.

As far as the mock billing occurring in January, it seems like a more realistic time will be during the summer when people will be watering their yards and get a more realistic idea of what those bills will be.

(Editor's note: Mock billings will be sent out from January to September).

• No, allowing pot is not a good idea

Being a senior who has never tried marijuana and now they're thinking of legalizing it in the state... the state is thinking about this because the budget's in trouble and we need the sales tax revenue. I say money makes people do strange things so legalizing marijuana would be very strange. Gee, I can picture it now: After a holiday dinner we can all sit and pass the weed around and have that for dessert. Hmmm, weed and coffee. Doesn't that sound yummy?

I guess looking at it in a positive light, it would make Christmas and birthdays easy! ("Oh, thanks Gramma, an ounce of weed! Alright, just what I wanted!")

Then we'll have to think about all the poor psychologists and psychoanalysts; they'll all be out of work because we'll all be one big happy stoned state!

The state says it will cut back on crime? Yeah, right.

• Feds supporting illegals, pot smoking

It's pretty unbelievable. We have one state, Arizona, telling the federal government that since they won't enforce the federal laws regarding illegal immigration, that will. And we have another state, California, telling the federal government since they won't enforce the federal laws regarding drug possession and sales, won't either. Within hours an assault was launched against Arizona for wanting to enforce federal laws and within days a lawsuit followed. In the state that arrogantly says it doesn't have to enforce federal law ... California fools itself into thinking it will be able to handle all the unintended consequences of Prop. 19 if it should pass. And we have total silence on this subject from the federal government. Selective enforcement of federal laws by any state undermines the integrity of our legal system as a whole.

On Nov. 2 vote and make a change.