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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 6, 2010
• Truck stop needed on Service

We need a truck stop on Service Road. I think it would be really good to have a truck stop there for all the men and women who drive trucks. It's really good to put your truck somewhere safe. We need a hot shower and somewhere to put our truck.

• Insists police harrassing her

I've called the CPD because of loud disruptive conduct by the (neighbors) living next door. This conduct has been continuing for, I'd say, two years or longer. No citation to my knowledge has ever been issued and after being visited by police, their behavior is good for a few weeks and then it starts all over again.

I've heard many people in Ceres complain about ... their loud parties. If you don't call and make a complaint regarding any disruptive issues in your neighborhood, it's never going to get better. Don't succumb to their antics. Don't be afraid to stand up for what is rightfully yours - to have peace and tranquility and not feel threatened.

Don't forget that you're allowed a firearm in your home, as long as it's registered. The Constitution gives us the right to protect our homes and ourselves from harm and I'm not giving up that right to anyone.

My neighbor not too long ago was eaves dropping on me ... and was on the phone and said something to the effect that "I would protect myself and my home. I have a weapon and know how to use it and they may walk in but they won't out." Well guess, what? This person gets on the phone and calls CPD and tells them that I spoke to him and was going to shoot him. I never said one word to that man! And I believe I have the right to say to whomever I will protect myself and my home if and when I need to!

There was a knock at my door and there stood two police officers accusing me of threatening the man next door. It was almost laughable. I'm in my 60s, I weight about 135. Don't you have something better to do than pick on an old lady? I just found it very strange.

I no more get into bed and another knock on the door. Hmm. The CPD. This time I'm asked to step outside and explain I have my PJs on. They didn't care. I ask why and they said, "Because you have a weapon in the house."

Not once did they ever ask me if my gun was registered. Isn't that a common question that should always be asked? The only reason I was not asked that question is because they were not here for any reason but to harass me.

What really got to them was they couldn't make me upset. They tried but no cigar.

Now go fight crime and quit harrassing old people.

• Felt BBQ sign was misleading

On Monday, Sept. 20 I saw a sign for barbecue at Moffet and Whitmore. I stopped to read the sign. It showed a tri-tip sandwich for $5.99. Under that part of the sign it showed homemade macaroni salad, homemade ranch style beans and homemade peach cobbler. I saw this and thought that the (name of business withheld) was having a special deal to influence an increase in business and maybe a prelude to starting a dinner trade. I believed that was a good idea. I believed the sign meant that you would get a small (trial size) meal for the money, as a come-on to try their food.

I decided to give it a try. I went back after 4 p.m. to obtain the food. Instead of a small trial meal, all that was served for the money was a very small sandwich of bread and meat only, I was offered barbecue sauce. I told the lady there that what I got wasn't what the sign said and that I wouldn't return. She told me that it was what the sign said.

I don't feel I got what I paid for, anyone else who goes there will have to make up their own mind.