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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 7, 2009
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• Charity refused her

I was dropping off some donations at the Hope Chest on a day when they accepted donations. I was donating a lot of nice things, because we are moving. The lady who was taking the donations in the back of the store was acting very rude, and would not accept some of the donations I had. Like I said I had really nice stuff in my donations. I had never been turned away for my donations. I would rather donate my stuff to a charity or to a place where people can get use out of them. I had really felt offended by the lady taking in the donations. I have now started to take my donations to the Goodwill and other charity places. The Goodwill is always happy to take my donations, and have never had a bad experience with the Goodwill. I was surprised a charity place would refuse my donations. I feel I will never go back to the Hope Chest to donate my good donations. I would rather donate my donations to a place that appreciates them.

• On the 'Me-me' generation

Great article, Jeff on "This 'me first' attitude is very disturbing." There's four generations: 1. The Greatest generation 2. babyboomers 3. X-generation 4. The me-mes

Greatest generation did their jobs with no questions. Babyboomers did their job and asked questions. Gen-x did their jobs with hesttation and questions. Me-mes question everything and value nothing!

And I live just down the road from where the kid took a swing at the the cop was at our house the next night because our drunk neighbors were fighting in the street. Of course being a Gen-Xer I offered to kick their a---- before the cops came. He told us about the incident the night before. He took all the names of the people at the house and told them if my car was vandalized he would come to them first, after he told us he has arrested the 18 year old girl months earlier for assault with a deadly weapon.

My motto, "Scream back." They never know what to do when an elder stands up to them as they never had the training for that.

Again, great article!

• Inconsiderate people

Hi Jeff, I know what you mean. Last Saturday when I got home from work I noticed some neighbors across from me setting up for a party outside in front of their house, and later in the evening the noise pollution began, complete with a D.J. (in Spanish) and the level was so loud (with my bedroom window facing the sound) I had to wear earplugs. When I asked my neighbor yesterday how disturbed he was with it he said he called the authorities and they told him they had the right to annoy their neighbors until 10 pm. Absolutely ridiculous! Didn't matter how loud! and also the inconsiderate driving habits by all ages.

I guess in the future we will all be mind readers and know when a person will turn and which way!

• Follow the rules at VP, parents

I wanted to thank the parent who voiced concern on how parents are acting during the drop-off / pick-up time at Virginia Parks. I am astonished at the way some parents talk to those teachers. And more so, what they are teaching their kids when they don't follow the parking lot rules and create unsafe situations for everyone. The Virginia Parks staff has created a wonderful process to drop off and pick up our kids. If we simply follow the process, everyone stays safe. Easy as that!

• Blame Obama as you did Bush

I just wanted to respond to the person who wants to blame all the nation's ills on Bush. What a rocket scientist you are. You can't back up what you say. The economy is in the tank because we the American people were irresponsible and overspent what we could afford, buying houses they we couldn't afford.

Here's the thing about you people on the left. You blamed Bush for everything. When gas prices went up, you blamed "Bush and his gas buddies." Now that gas is going up, I don't hear you blaming Obama. Our national debt has soared since Obama took office but you don't blame him. The jobless rate is up but you don't blame Obama. If Bush could be blamed you need to start blaming the socialist in the White House now.

• Against a third garbage can

I find in this week's "Sound Off!" that someone was calling about the water bill going up and up. Well they just need to hang on because the city is getting ready to have a city vote on a city meeting - which I can't seem to get the date - to vote on adding a third waste-wheeler. Instead of picking up the tree branches and everything, we'll have a third garbage can. And I asked, "Well, can people opt out?" and they said no, everybody will have to have it and it'll raise your bills some more. So I guess everything is just going to keep going up. I don't think it's right to force me to get a third garbage can and have to pay for it.

• God sees what you do

Whoever took my silver lights on Richland Avenue I'd like to say thank you. I was using them as night lights inside my house to save money but I guess since you guys figure you needed them worse than I did you can steal whatever you want.

Thank you also for taking the angels and remember God sees what you do. I'm going to put a big thank you sign in the front and I hope you know if my mother falls that it's caused by you for stealing them because I cannot afford to replace them. If you think it's funny I hope you have a good laugh.

• Water meters a bad idea

I would like to comment on the situation with the water meters. I've been a lifetime resident of Ceres and I realize with the conservation efforts I realize that we do need water meters. The issue I have with the city of Ceres is this has been mandated for a while and we are going to farm out the studies. They should have had the forethought to put a division in to install the water meters and employ local people rather than people out of the area to do the installation. This was thought through very poorly on the city's part.

• Keep politicos away next time

I was just calling to sound off about the Medievel Night. This was a phenomenal event. Shawna and Nicole did a phenomenal job in putting this thing together. It brought two schools together. But the only drawback to the event was there was advertisements for political positions at this fundraising event for Central Valley and Ceres high schools. This event was no place to be running politics.

I hope in the future these politicians, whether they're running for the School Board or City Council, will not be doing this at school fundraising events.