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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 8, 2008
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• Only $200 more a year

I wanted to call in reference to the "Won't support Measure U" (in the Sept. 17 "Sound Off!" column). In this time and age when education is so vitally important, and the need for quality schools and a quality district are so important, it appalls me that a guy references the year 2001 as having to pay for taxes. He should do some research on Measure U. It's only going to cost not even $200 a year. And so if he needs a loan I'd be more than happy to give that to him. I think he needs to really realize that education is important in our community, that our community has grown so big that we need extra buildings. I'm very proud of him that he put his kids through college but now is the time - not 2001 when gas was $2 a gallon and everything's gone up - to contribute for the education of our children. Otherwise you'll have a huge gang problem and a huge drug problem.

• Avenge Christopher's murderer

Regarding "Public's help needed to find 2007 homicide suspect." My son is Christopher Sisk. He was a good young man. He has helped many people in his line of work. He has a wife and three children that miss him terribly! Not to mention the rest of the family that also miss him. Justice needs to come out of this. They need to catch this low life before he does this to another family. We know the devastating effect first hand.

• Pack lunch for your child

I'm calling about the lady who was complaining about her child not getting the lunch that he wanted. There is a solution. You can pack a lunch and send it from home because there cannot be an endless supply of hamburgers. Besides, the hamburger's not all that good for her anyway.

• Junk on Chahalis Way

This call is about a pile of junk. We live on Chahalis Way, a one-block street. And there's a house down the street from us that has piled junk out in the gutter. They piled junk out there once and it sat there for weeks before it got picked up. But they started piling this junk out there last Wednesday. Now we have to sit here all weekend and look at their pile of junk. They also have stolen Foster Farms milk crates - and there are probably 20 to 25 of them - full of junk and they're going to throw away some stolen merchandise. They are not even supposed to have them so it means they're stolen. Where is the code enforcement officer who is supposed to be looking for this kind of stuff? Our city is being trashed by trash.

• Lindstrom at church since 1919

In response to your article, "Church celebrating century of service," I would like to correct a statement regarding Mr. Bob Lindstrom, 94, of Ceres and his continuous years of membership. Mr. Lindstrom started attending Ceres Christian Church in 1919 at the age of 5. He's been a faithful member of this church for 89 years, not 65 years as was previously mentioned.

• Hats off for handling CHS crisis

I would like to commend the Ceres Police Department and the Ceres High School staff ... for handling the way they did a threat that was made towards some classrooms by a child at the school. They handled it professionally, quickly and knowing that my kids are safe in school makes a big difference.

• Measure U is ridiculous

I was just calling in about "Vote no on Measure U." I feel that this is a big joke and that if Ceres Unified School District doesn't know how to manage their money then they need to do something else. But to keep taking it from people who don't even have kids is ridiculous. I just got my tax bill and it already has money on there from the last one. What are they doing with the money from the last measure they did? This is ridiculous. I think they need to stop.

With the hard times right now this is the last thing we need.

• Comfortable in trash?

I'm calling about the Sept. 24, your yard sale call response, "Get over it." If you have yard sales and you're taking your signs down, you're obviously a responsible person in doing so. So that was not addressed to you unless you don't take them down. So I have nothing to get over other than our city looks trashy. If that offends you then you must be comfortable in trash. The signs that are up are all week long. That's what we're addressing.

• Two cents about hypocrisy claims

I want to throw in my two cents about the Eric Silveira's letter to the editor, "Courier guilty of political hypocrisy." The Courier and its editor were not being hypocritical. I believe Jeff's column was about candidates bringing up the distant pasts of candidates. Jeff even defended Obama in that his past drug use shouldn't be an issue. He said nothing about questioning recent issues of a candidate's life. Frank Aquila's column focussed on recent issues of Obama. Obama still has not told us why he is friends with the unrepentent terrorist Bill Ayers who bombed the Pentagon. This one, Mr. Silveira, is not easily disproven. I will give you the Pledge of Allegiance issue but there are just unforgivable things about the Obamas. Obama did call Rev. Wright a great spiritual leader even as Wright condemned America in 2001 when he said, "No, no, no, not God bless America, God d--- America."