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Sound Off! calls published on April 8, 2009
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• Suspect same as trash

Put Lovelle Mixon in the trash. Why not? Do you think he cared any more about the peace officers he had slain, or any still living for that matter? Why even give his family any consideration? Lovelle couldn't have thought about any officers' families.

Give him what he gave.

• Moving billboard irritating

I guess this is a complaint but I got really tired of that white van driving all around pulling that darn ugly sign for the Public Auction. I saw that thing all over Ceres today and earlier this week and then I saw it in Hughson. It's irritating to know they're just driving it around as a moving billboard. I am sure it's against the Ceres sign ordinance and it's just a huge distraction and it's ugly. If they want to advertise they ought to buy an ad or get a billboard on a pole. I just think it's wrong and only clogging our streets and polluting our air.

• A lot of poor speak English, too

This is just a comment about the Sound Off! on April 1 about "Only poor don't learn English." Obviously you haven't been around town that much because if you speak English that doesn't make you a rich person. Look at the race of people there outside the McDonald's on Hatch Road. Look at the person who is right there at the exit of the 99 freeway of Hatch Road. Obviously they don't speak Spanish. The only language they know is English and they're still asking for money.

Most of my family, uncles or cousins don't know a word of English and they own really nice houses. You may want to reconsider your opinion.

• Rumor debunked

I heard the mayor of Ceres cannot be the mayor of Ceres unless his address is Ceres and has the zip code and that's why he was pushing so hard to have the zip code changed north of Hatch.

(Editor's note: Wrong. See, this kind of thing is why there is such a problem with the zip code, which unfortunately will stay with that area for at least another decade since it was shot down last week. To be a mayor, one has to live in the city limits and be a registered voter of that city. Cannella's address is already in the Ceres city limits. The mailing address is irrelevant for candidacy purposes. People are so confused about this issues despite us trying valiantly to educate them about it).

• Some callers are idiots

I'm calling about that "Upset about zip code balloting" caller (in the April 1 "Sound Off!" column). It just goes to show you the idiocy of these people that live here. What the heck difference is it if you live there in Modesto or Ceres? Wow. It's the Central Valley. There's such a big difference! What an idiot! "Oh I bought over there thinking it was Modesto." This is so despicable the people we are dealing with. They are ignorant!

I for one think it's a great idea because of most of those kids go to Ceres schools. It needs to be changed to 95307.

What an idiot who called in "Supports 95351 zip." If she thinks Ceres is so awful, gee, why is she bothering reading the Courier for crying out loud, such a low-ball newspaper, my God! What a jerk!

• City manager overpaid

I've called before about this concern. Why is the city manager of Ceres making $204,000? He's making more than some executives. This city's only got 40,000 people. Why is this man making so much money?

• Fear of schools

I'm calling about the Sound Off! call "Only poor don't learn English." How they should be ashamed that their kids know more English than them. I find that very offensive to all Hispanic communities because most immigrants are very scared to go to schools and sit-down places because they're afraid they're going to be deported. I don't know how you guys could even print that.

(Editor's note: Illegal immigrants should be afraid of being deported. But what do legal immigrants have to fear?)