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Sound Off! calls published on Aug. 18, 2010
• Supercenter a great thing

I'm just calling about the proposed Walmart Supercenter. The way I see it, they let Raley's go in, Food 4 Less when they had a Cost Less. I could go on and on about the new things that Ceres added since Walmart went in over there on Mitchell. They've always wanted to put in a Sam's Club in the beginning. Why can't Ceres see that this would be a great thing? I just don't get it. There would be a lot more cash revenue and a lot of people traveling down the freeway would stop if they needed whatever. Truck drivers traveling across the country have no alternative places to shop hardly because they can't drive a truck into a parking lot just anywhere. Right off the freeway there would be perfect for truck drivers to pull over and resupply themselves.

We look real foolish that we have not had this center built years ago.

• Fourth and Magnolia needs to be a 4-way!

Has anybody else almost been hit at Fourth and Magnolia when you're crossing Magnolia on Fourth? The city engineering department says you can't have a stop sign there until they have so many accidents. I guess they want some people to die.

And if you're walking across the road there it's not a designated crosswalk but you are allowed to cross from corner to corner. You have to be out in the lane of traffic when the cars are parked along there to be able to see if cars are coming.

So I guess they want a lot of kids and pedestrians to be hit while everybody's going to the Community Center. They sure didn't plan it very well or they would have made it a four-way stop there at Fourth and Magnolia. If anybody else is having problems there would you also please call the city Engineering Department just like I did and see how many more (complaints) we can get so we can get that (stop) before someone actually gets killed?

• Muslims have no respect for 9/11 losses

I did not vote for Obama. However I do tend to agree with freedom of religion. I do not agree with putting a Mosque at Ground Zero, and furthermore I would think that all Muslims would show the respect that should be shown here, and build the mosque at a location that is not hallowed ground. From all the polls I have seen, there are very few that think it should be built in this location.

Who voted for this man who has no respect for the lives that were lost here? This is the same man that was brow beaten to wear the U.S. flag on his lapel.

• Calibrate water meters before using them

This "Sound Off!" message is for all the residents of Ceres who will be on the water meters next year at this time. The top of the line water meters ("cadillacs of meters") are in need of calibration.

I put a little test to my meter for the last couple of weeks, to find out that my wife and I only were using on the average of 2,678 gallons of water a week. I could not believe this. It drove me to further test this meter. With all water in the house and pool being shut off, I took another reading on the meter and recorded it. Then I filled two one gallon milk jugs with water, dumped it into my garden sprayer and verified it as two gallons. I went back to the meter and found the meter said I used 2.3 gallons of water. That's 401.7 gallons of water that I will have to pay for each week that I did not receive, or 1,606.8 gallons a month, or if you will 19,281.6 gallons a year.

Surely the city will do the right thing and calibrate the meters before we get charged for the usage.