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Sound Off! calls published on August 27, 2008
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• Who polices the police?

I'm responding to the allegations against police. I kind of doubt if these people came forward and gave any more information that a police agency investigating it would do anything more than harass them all the more. If they don't anything about highway patrol officers attending parties where disturbing the peace is going on, what makes you think they're going to do anything for these poor people?

• Modern day plagues

Isn't it obvious? Recent natural disasters ongoing, the economy. Watch the news. How about the new trend of parents murdering their own families? How about the responsibility of parents? Aren't children sacred any more? More and more I seen teens up past their curfews with their Monster drinks in hand. Don't tell me energy drinks aren't addicting. Aren't these parents worried about the side effects of these and all these new energy drinks? Whatever happened to playing using imagination? It's becoming non-existent thanks to good old cell phones and video games. There's a new song on one of my favorite popular radio stations; it's called, "I Kissed A Girl and I Liked It," sung by, yes, another girl. I no longer listen to that station. Very sad. The things we force on society, especially the young minds of our children.

What happened to the human race? I'll tell you. You take God and prayer out of the schools, the Ten Commandments out of the judicial system and your hearts. Take advantage of our freedom of speech. No wonder the world's in the shape that it is. Looks like modern-day plagues to me.

• Child treated rudely at library

I'm calling to comment on the Ceres Library. Yesterday I took my granddaughter to the library to do her homework and the rudest woman was in there. My granddaughter has a speech problem and the woman was making all kinds of comments that she didn't pronounce her words right. Right in front of the child and I thought that was really wrong. So I don't think I will ever take my grandchidren there again. And it's too bad.

The lady that was making fun of my granddaughter was a woman who works in there. My granddaughter was really upset about that. There's lots of children in the world that has problems and nobody has a right to say anything.

• Kudos to Virginia Parks for watch

I am a parent of two students attending Virginia Parks Elementary. This school year I arrived to find a completely new process for the parking lot in terms of dropping off and picking up children. It was very different than what has happened the last several years. However, upon further research I found that this is not a new process at all; it is the same process that they have used for many years. It was just not being followed by the parents, which created a chaotic parking lot where children were in danger while running between other cars to get to their parents.

I would like to thank Virginia Parks School - the principal, teachers and other parents - who are volunteering their own time to stand out in the parking lot each morning and afternoon to assure this process is followed. Although it slows traffic slightly on Moffett, it ends up actually taking less time for me this year, to drive in and drop my children off than it did last year when I tried to park along the curb with other parents and leave my car to find my children. The most important aspect of all is that this method is keeping our children safe. So, I tip my hat to all the staff at Virginia Parks and thank you for caring so much about our children!