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Sound Off! calls published on Jan. 14, 2009
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• Thanks, Mr. Bush

I'd like to put in this "Sound Off!" totally knowing that President Bush does not read this paper. But I plan to clip this out if you publish it and send it to him.

Mr. Bush, I am really sorry to see you leave office. I think you are one of the best men, the most decent man to be our president. I have never felt that you lied about anything because I know that you are a man of God.

I want to thank you for keeping me and my family safe while the media elites made fun of you. They said you lied about weapons of mass destruction even though Bill and Hillary thought the same thing. We were attacked in an unthinkable way on Sept. 11, 2001 and we haven't been attacked since. I know this has been because you did not waver in attacking our enemies. I am not so sure our new president will be so digilent. I see him appointing a lot of Clinton people and you know what Clinton did when terrorists attacked the USS Cole and bombed the basement of the World Trade Center in 1993: nothing.

Thank you for liberating the people of Afghanistan. Girls now go to school, something that never happened before.

The media made fun of you, like they do all Republicans. Do I need to remind you what they did to Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney while giving a free pass to the gaffes made by Obama, Hillary and Al Gore?

History will remember you kindly, Mr. Bush. It's too bad most of the American people have bought the party line of the media. God bless you. May you enjoy your days in Texas. We love you!

• Turlock shoppers, beware!

Recently I was compelled to attend court to satisfy a moving violation in Turlock. My moving violation ticket stated that I did not absolutely come to a 100 percent stop at a red light before completing my traffic-right right turn. I opted to pay the fine, a decision I may regret.

Comparing notes with those also standing in line at the courthouse, it was our conclusion that the same officer had been a very busy boy, specializing with small infractions of the law. One ticketed person was going 37 mph in a 35 mph zone. Another was ticketed for putting on her seatbelt while she was leaving the curb.

It certainly appeared to us that Turlock was definitely trying to raise funds to replenish their dwindling financial resources - and with great success, thanks to this one officer.

An official warning would have cemented great PR for the city and accomplished results. Instead I was fined an outrageous $425!

Turlock will do well to evaluate their city's public relations. Make stops? Yes. Continue to be pleasant? Definitely. Do you think I will hesitate shopping in Turlock again? Absolutely!

• Anti-littering campaign, yes!

This is in response to Jeff's recent column about the culture of trash. It's about time someone pointed it out. I am 100 percent American. My parents were both born in Mexico, so my ethnicity is hispanic. I have traveled in Mexico a lot. I enjoy the history and the people very much. I don't enjoy the trash. It's everywhere in Mexico, in the cities, the countryside and even at beautiful tourist destinations. A trash-free environment is simply not an important part of the Mexican culture.

Growing up in California, I remember the big campaign slogans against litter: "Don't Be a Litterbug," and "Every Litter Bit Hurts." Littering was very minimal in those days. Unfortunately, trash in Ceres has increased as the hispanic percentage in Ceres has increased. It's time for state, city, and local governments to mount a major anti-littering campaign.

• Highway robbery at DMV

I just want to say ... the DMV in Sacramento is going to charge you $50 to put a certificate of non-operation on your broken down car or where your car won't pass smog or both. Fifty bucks, think about that! For a piece of paper on there that says I'm not driving this car unlawfully on the road and it won't pass smog and I can't get it fixed...

It was $17 just a few weeks ago. I'll tell you what, when the revolution breaks out in this country, you know where it's going to start, right here in California. That Nazi, Schwarzenegger, up there is going to start it off.

• Tramp stamps are ugly

I am a 55-year-old man and while I appreciate the female form, I can't understand why all these women are getting tramp stamps. I feel it's like vandalism. The female body is God's masterpiece but tatoo artists are the vandals.

What a waste of money to make yourself look trashy.