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Sound Off calls published on July 8, 2009
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• Tired of race card used

I'm calling in regards to "Why not be proud of country?" (June 24 "Sound Off!). I am a white male. Reading it just really set me off. Anytime that we say we don't like the Mexican flag flying in America ... we get called racist. Anytime we walk into a store that we grew up in and see nothing but Spanish signs, we're racists. I read anger and hatred in whoever called that in.

For example, in Burger King, ran all by Mexican people, I stood there for 15 minutes being the sole person in the restaurant and got ignored. Then I got dirty looks. I have to believe because I was white.

I'm really tired of being called a racist because I am proud of who I am and where I come from. That's another thing. In this person's call at the end they say, "what's wrong with being who you are, what you are and where you come from?" We can't say we're proud to be "white" or we're "racists."

Thank you, Ceres Courier, for printing all views. And no, I am not a racist; I'm just tired of being labeled one.

• Hispanic mom: Let's change

I would like to comment on the "Anti-Mexican newspaper?" comment in "Sound Off!" The writer is telling Hispanics to "keep it up." I'm just wondering what he wants them to keep up. All the gang activity? Or the crime? All of our kids dropping out of schools? I'm not really sure.

As the Hispanic mother of three, I say we need to make a change! Attempt to learn English and Spanish; it's great to be bilingual. Let's be better parents to our kids and keep our kids out of the gangs and keep them in school. It's hard to deny the stereotype about Hispanics and gangs due to all the graffiti from the Nortenos and the Surrenos. You see the graffiti at every park, every school, just all around town. Our actions need to speak louder than anyone's words.

We had two young Hispanic ladies who graduated at the top of their class at Ceres High School. We need to let these girls be our kids' role model, not some dumb drug-slinging gangster who's nothing but a loser.

We are no longer a minority. We are a majority. To keep us from labeling us we need to start with ourselves and it has to start at home. We need to keep our kids in line. That's how we can keep people from making comments about Hispanics.

• Bring back proper Elvises

I just want to do a complaint about the A&W Restaurant (in downtown Modesto) where they do the Elvis impersonators and stuff with Marilyn. This year they totally, I guess you could say, suck, I guess. It just sucks this year. They don't even have Marilyn. She's the one with the white dress. She's very pretty. They don't even have the proper Elvis'es this year. So I think they should get the proper Marilyn they had last year and the proper Elvises or close up shop.

• Reach out to ethnic groups

I'm responding to the man who couldn't seem to cope with all the different languages that he heard. My advice: Reach out to all those people, like the little kids. Make friends with them. Those are our neighbors. They aren't in Mexico; they're here. They may not speak English but their grandkids will. However they got here, they're immigrants. This is a melting pot. This is America. We're all Americans. We need to stick together; we're facing some really hard times. People like that are keeping Wal-Mart open, otherwise my mom wouldn't have a job. And they're keeping the hospitals open. Otherwise I wouldn't have a job. All those people makes the whole thing work.

• They're taking over

I'm calling about this "Proud of Mexico" woman. If you lived in Mexico, you won't hear people listening to Mexican music, you won't get on welfare, you won't get Medi-Cal and they won't educate their children if you're an illegal or legal. I have lived my life in Mexico, in Michoacan, I'm married to a Mexican man for 15 years and have thousands of legal and illegal Mexican friends. I'm fluent in Spanish but, people, I can tell you 95 percent are morally corrupt Mexicans, uneducated and come here to raise and pillage our country and we're letting them. All illegals need to be deported; they are breaking the law. Then the women who come here just to have three to five children get on WIC and welfare also need to be deported. That's the only way to stop this.

We're proud of our country, meaning the people who were born here, generation after generation. But lately it seems we have a cancer that's invaded our land of people who have come here illegally and bring their same old habits with them. It's in any newspaper. Ninety-five percent is about crime committed by Mexicans. What does that say about your people as parents? Rape, robbery, car theft, DUI, gangs, murders. Yes, your people are number one. This is an element we are certainly tired of.

When you walk into a store here and you hear Mexican music playing, it hits you. Where is our American music? Our culture is virtually being taken over.

Don't blame the Ceres Courier. Don't call them anti-Mexican. You have caused that yourself.

My father-in-law went into San Joaquin Hospital and so far has cost the taxpayers of California $500,000. Going to need a year of care with nurse three times a week. Do you think we're not fed up with this? We are! And yes my husband is Mexican and he knows how I feel and he agrees with that. And he laughs because he has property in Delacruz and Michoacan but the state is paying for it.

You have no right.

• Can't believe the decision

I'm calling in regards to the Cesar Chavez Junior High School. It's a shame our trustees wouldn't stand up for looking at renaming the school. They all cowed down to it. I read the letter by Dr. Lutes. I know well over 50 percent of his patients are Latino and he stood up against the naming the school Cesar Chavez Junior High. Chavez was a protestor. He was nothing but a union organizer. I'd hate to think what (their mascot) will be called.

As far as trustee Eric Ingwerson goes, I can't believe that. Eric, I know you came by and I supported you in your election for School Board and figured that you would stand up for what is right. Naming it Cesar Chavez I just do not believe it's right. I'll remember it when election times comes around.

With Faye Lane, I just can't believe it. I think Elvis (Lane) would be turning over. I just don't understand it. I'm beside myself. It's just ridiculous.

Do they really think that anybody from Cesar Chavez's family or from the UFW will even come to the dedication of the school?

If they want to name it Cesar Chavez, why don't they make it a 100 percent compete Spanish speaking school from the teachers to the office staff to the coaches to the janitors? Everything in Spanish. You can have these other schools save a lot of money by just printing all of the literature in English and not wasting time with announcements in both English and Spanish.

In regards to Spanish speakers not taking away from only English speaking individuals, I know for a fact that I didn't get a job as a building inspector for the county and city of Modesto because I was not bilingual. If you try to get a job with the Ceres Unified School District you must be bilingual to pretty much get hired.

• Supports glitzy billboards

"There is nothing appealing about a billboard, which is essentially litter on a stick. It's equally offensive to a community aesthetics to see the neon glow of electronic signs."

I find that statement total bull. It's just one man's opinion. Why would being up to date with electronic billboards make us look bad? Just what is it that people see going through Ceres on the freeway that is so hot now?

I find the ability to advise drivers of current alerts on the freeway a plus.

If the city wants the local businesses to do well they have to stop making it so hard to do business in Ceres. We should, at this time, be very business friendly. Remember we need the taxes. You can't just keep taking more and more out of the homeowners' pockets.

One more thing. I like the sign at Ceres High. It hasn't blinded me when I drive by yet I think the city should ask the people what they think about an electronic billboard.

The days of the good ole boys running this town are about to end. You tax us for new cops and then freeze hiring?

The police chief says crime will raise, wow how great is that? Should we all run out and buy guns?

Remember people, when it's time to elect new officials, toss them out and start new. Start at the state level and work your way to the locals. We need people who service our best interest - that is what they are elected for.

This is just one woman's opinion.