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Sound Off! calls published on June 30, 2010
• School board hiding behind kids

Mike Welsh stated that the board has a responsibility to protect our children but for the past six months the School Board has been doing nothing except hiding behind the kids. If the board can't step away from the free buffet and do their job perhaps it's time that they resign and let someone in who will.

• Use old store for roller skating rink

I'm calling about the Walmart. Why don't they just give the old Walmart to the city of Ceres? It would be really nice to have a roller rink for our kids. I think it would be a great idea. Our kids would love to have a roller rink. We something for them to have an outlet to go to and make be able to make a little money for the city off these derby teams that would come in for games.

• Not a hassle to prove U.S. citizenship

My wife and I just came back from New Mexico. We traveled the Highway 70 from Las Cruces to Alamagordo. We stopped at the border station and were asked if we were citizens. We said "yes." We were asked to prove identity, which we did and we went on our way, no offense taken! What's all this fuss about Arizona law? Being a citizen of this country you have no concern, no fear.

• Tension in the Don Pedro School office

I'd like to respond to "Don Pedro not as parent friendly." My kids have been going there and I think it's right. Ever since the new administrator came aboard, things have just been totally different. You can see the tensions between teachers and administrators. Also, the office staff is just horrible. They look at you and sigh like you're bothering them. And never smile whatsoever! I don't know what's going on with Don Pedro but they have the best staff of teachers. The office staff and administration needs to get it together.

• Let's all pitch in to reduce this tagging

I would like to comment on all the new tagging that is going on in our neighborhoods. It seems that these hoodlums have nothing better to do with their time than to deface our beautiful city like dogs marking their territory. I have contacted the graffiti hotline on more than one occasion and it has been cleaned up as soon as possible, which I really appreciate. I have even helped with the city clean-up with my children to help them learn to take pride in their community. So I ask you, and the community as a whole, if we all take a little pride and teach our kids to do the same maybe these hoodlums will do the same? What do you think citizens of Ceres could we give it a try and all pitch in to make our city beautiful again?

Just a little food for thought.

• Change name of paper to Ceres Republican

Jeff, let me suggest you change the name from Ceres Courier to "Ceres Republican Courier." Your commom sense differs from mine. California does need a lot of help or change in the status quo. Unfortunately, none of these two clowns will change business as usual in California. The least of the worse is Jerry Brown, he has the experience in government and can at least keep the state from falling into the hands of special interest groups. Any fool that thinks running a state is the same as running a business is ill-informed. That's common sense!

• Lost mail from that same P.O. box

When I read the "Thieves stealing mail from box" in the June 9 "Sound Off!" I was so mad. Twice a month for the past few years I've mailed my landlord my rent from the same blue mailbox from CVS Pharmacy thinking it was the safest way since I don't own a car to go to the post office. It just so happens that my May 14 rent didnt get to my landlord and didn't get returned to me so I didn't know what to do. I told Western Union my money order had to be stolen so I had to make copies, fill out money order tracing papers, have a notary put there stamp on it and send a $15 money order for the tracing. And on June 7, I mailed it from - you guessed it - CVS Pharmacy's blue mailbox! On June 9 I saw the "Sound Off!" in the Ceres Courier, I thought I was going to faint. If the mailbox needs the lock changed, change it! But if it's the fault of a lazy post office worker, they should be fired for causing people worry and trouble and in my case more money. Also I don't know if the tracing papers I sent to Western Union will get to them.

Mad, mad, mad!

• CVHS ag teachers have been great!

I was so disappointed by the ag teacher comment (in "Sound Off!" a few weeks ago.) I am an ag student at Central Valley and have never seen the ag teachers do anything but work for the best of the students, the FFA, and CVHS as a whole. A fellow student showed me the article and I was shocked that anyone could be that ignorant and rude about an ag teacher. It is up to the student and exhibitor to take care of their project and to sell said project at the fair; the ag teacher is there as a guide, to make sure you keep your animal alive and looking its best, not as your bank and not as your servant.

I also show beef cattle and have never been shown anything but the utmost respect and kindness and help with my project by our advisor. I have spent countless hours in the Ag department and consider it a second home - most ag students do, and I have never seen any ag teacher no-show an event without good reason, or be there without helpful advice or knowledge about their project.

I would personally like to thank the ag teachers for their countless hours that they spend, driving FFA members to field days every weekend of the spring, for being at the school farm, for taking care of all the travel plans for state conference, for helping to soothe raw nerves when students are mad, for always listening when a student needs an ear, for providing hours of coaching for any event that any student wants to compete in, for driving to Galt, late, for an Extemporaneous Public Speaking Contest, for watering the greenhouses during the summer, for their classes that are an absolute saving grace, for allowing their lunch period to become a place where last minute homework can be completed for math class, next period, and for the other million things they do on a daily basis to help make CVHS a better place to attend school, I can honestly say that without FFA and the ag teachers at CVHS, I would not be attending school there.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, ag teachers.