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Sound Off! calls published on March 10, 2010
• Regulations on ice cream trucks

There was a complaint in "Sound Off!" on March 3 about an ice cream truck parked near Moffet and Garrison. Ice cream trucks are prohibited from selling within a 1,000 feet from a school boundary and may not sale adjacent to city parks. Residents may call the Ceres Code Enforcement Division to report problems with ice cream trucks. The number to call Monday through Friday is 538-5799. During evenings and weekends, the number to call is 538-5712.

• We must remain vigilant at the door now

I'm calling to comment about the Letter to the Editor that ran on March 3, the one about the person who answered the door to strangers. It was disturbing to read. Sorry to hear that a homeowner in my hometown was threatened by two bullies. Homeowners have enough to deal with these days, what with higher taxes, water restrictions, dog owners not picking up after their dogs that poop another person's property, having to pick up litter, and having to clean up the city. We can now add a more dreadful and frightful item to this list. Now we have to be vigilant against menacing behavior. And we have to be okay to call police when everyone is harassing us.

• How is police canine Axel?

I just wanted to know if the dog Axel was okay after falling on the concrete floor when the man was up in the attic over Family Pizza.

(Editor's note: We understand that the dog is fine).

• Rather hear about publisher

Jeff, explain this one: How come Jerry Brown was re-elected to another term?

What most readers and myself would like to read is about your former publisher/pervert. Tell us, like Brown, is this something you and/or fellow employees knew about?

Don't you think people would read about this than your Republican stance? Please write about your former boss who is known as a pervert.

(Editor's note: So judging by your question about Brown, you believe that every official who is re-elected is deserving of the public's trust? Ponder these names: Richard Nixon, Gary Condit, Ted Stevens, Bill Clinton and Tony Coelho.)