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Sound Off! calls published on Nov. 12, 2008
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• Sgt. Smith says 'Hi!'

Hello my name is Steven J. Smith. I am a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, and I used to work for you all. I would like to give a shout-out to my mother and father Rose and Lee Frisk. I want to tell them I am doing good and Iraq is becoming a safer place due to the support of America and its troops. I am stationed in Beaufort, South Carolina and I want to tell them happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas if they don't get to hear from me!

Sgt Steve Smith

(Received via email)

Wright got his wish

Great job, all you non-thinking American voters who elected Obama. You not only put a socialist in the White House but now media pundits like Tom Brokaw are publicly stating that they have no idea who this guy really is. I doubt if the voters do either. The stock market plunged in the two days after the election because businesses are going to pull out because of his tax policy.

The words of Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, will haunt us. He said "not God bless America but God d--- America." Looks like his words are prophetic.

• Great dry cleaning service!

I'm calling in regards to the new dry cleaners in Ceres, it's called Five Star Dry Cleaning. I just want to say how helpful they are and how they go out of their way to please the customers. My son was coming in from Arizona for a wedding and I had a suit that came in and I needed it pressed that day. And I took it in and I was willing to pay extra to have it pressed. And the guy says, "Just stay right here, I'll go do it now" and he went back there and he pressed that suit and it looked beautiful. My son was able to wear it to the wedding that night. I just want to say they are a wonderful, wonderful establishment.

• Paradoxical stand on drugs

I have a question for Ceres. When you drive into town, it has a sign that says Ceres is a drug-free area. So why is it that we have parapheranalia shops all down Mitchell Road? I don't understand that. If we're a drug-free zone, then why are we allowing smoke shops to dot Mitchell Road? I mean, you don't need those things to smoke cigarettes so what else would you smoke in those things that they sell there?

• Disappointed reader

I'm really disappointed that your front page didn't have the election announcement of Sen. Barack Obama being elected president of the United States. That should have been front-page coverage.

(Editor's note: As a weekly community newspaper we don't cover national news, nor the outcome of presidential races.)