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Sound Off! calls published on Oct. 22, 2008
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• Be careful borrowing

You have to watch out now getting loans if you're on the lower end of income. If you take out a $79,000 loan you end up repaying over $189,900. So again the loan companies have not learned anything by making you pay twice as much as what your house is worth. So come on, you know, let's get this all together and get these loan people where they're supposed to be: Behind prison bars because that is extortion.

• Sarah doesn't have answers

I surrender, Sarah! As soon as ya looked right at me and gave me that cute little wink and nod and that big winner smile, I knew that the Republicans were right after all -- this election should not be about issues. Issues are boring and elitist. It should be about personality.

I heard one commentator call what Biden did "a litany of numbers," but that you were "folksy" You go, girl!

While our country crumbles I'd just live to sit around and chew the fat with ya, Sarah, but wait. Doesn't someone need to come up with intelligent answers?

• Megan's Law falls short

It has come to my attention that there is a person who was convicted of having child pornography - not just one or two images but hundreds of thousands of image on their computer in their home. And because witnesses would not come forward to say that he touched them, he could not be convicted of a crime against the child as far as molestation goes. He lives on Stonum, right where children pass every day to go to school. He's not registered under Megan's Law because the witnesses would not come forward but he ... spent several years in jail. I just found out. I feel horrible about it because the school doesn't need to be notified. He's disturbed and people who live on Stonum need to know that. Why can't we know about this kind of stuff and warn their children?

• Less attacks please

Our country is facing enormous problems such as the bailout economy, lack of affordable health care, outdated energy policies and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We deserve to hear how candidates specifically will address these issues. We are not interested in negativity and personal attacks. We want leaders who are rational, respectable and responsible. Specific solutions not political posturing, intelligence, integrity not insults. Values, not violence. Truth, not trash.

• Wasteful Measure U plans

$3.8 million for an eight-classroom wing sounds similiar to the government spending $14,000 for a bolt. Having knowledge and experience in construction I have to ask the question and I think everyone else should as to why the steep price tag. Also, why a 16-classroom wing for $10.5 million build two eight-classroom wings for $7.6 million and save $2.9 million.

• Doesn't want to see Grandma

I'm calling in response to the "Can't see own grandson" that was posted in "Sound Off!" I'm the grandson on the varsity football team. The grandma who couldn't recognize me because she pushed away. It's her fault that I don't want to see her. I choose not to. Me, my brother and sister thought about it and we don't want to see her. She tries to blame everyone else but it's her fault. She has done a lot of things to our family that we can't forgive her for. It's her fault that we're not in her life. We've given her numerous opportunities but she's pushed us away many times.

She said my mother is manipulative and mean and she's not. She's the sweetest lady and does nice things for everyone without nothing in return.

• Supports Measure U

I read an article in the Modesto Bee about Ceres High School vocational education programs and I just wanted to say that this is a good reason to vote yes on Measure U. That measure will ensure that programs like that are increased.

I know people are complaining about paying more taxes. None of us really want to pay more taxes but if it means making schools better and in turn keeping kids staying in school and out of gangs, well to me it's worth it. We owe it to these kids who are the future of this community, to invest in them. I am voting yes on Measure U and I encourage you to also.