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Sound Off! calls published on Sept. 9, 2009
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• Jeff's ego at stake?

Theere are many things that interest me other than Jeff's ego. And an apology you feel you needed is not one of them. Do the readers a favor and deflate yourself. Report the news we need to know about and remember your ego is not an interesting topic.

(Editor's note: Jeff was not concerned about his ego but about his rights being violated by two officers who prevented him from being at the scene of an accident. Google California Penal Code Section 409.5, subsection D for yourself and ask yourself if it's about ego or about law being followed).

• Sucking us all dry

My, my, my, what a great city we live in. Raise our garbage bills, raise our taxes and then turn around and raise the water so that we have to pay for the meters to be put in to all Ceres homes. Isn't that something? What a great city! Suck us dry, suck us dry so we'll all have to move out of here. You'll lose us all.

With all the expenses you're raising, it's worthless in this town.

• A great Ceres business

I want to call in regards to an article that you have in about the Wednesday. I just wanted to give prop to one of the new businesses here in town. He's actually not new. He's Hot Dogz Grooming Salon.

I took my dog their yesterday and not only was I impressed by the cleanliness and professionalism of the business but he had my dog done in one hour's time and was nothing but polite. And I haven't had that with Ceres businesses in a long time.

• Tell of miracle at church

My name is Rose Marie. I am a member of Central Valley Christian Church in Ceres and two weeks ago we had a miraculous scene of the cross lifting from our floor. We have Pastor Hidahl ... and it really bothers me that you don't write about what we call in on and when we want Sound Off! to be heard. So can you find it in your heart, sir, to let people know about what's going on at our church and that we are all blessed by what happened? I think it would be a good idea instead of ignoring our calls. I know several people have called in and I would be really happy if I could see that in your next edition of the Ceres Courier.

(Editor's note: Our antiquated answering machine went haywire recently so it wasn't taking calls until today which is Thursday).

• Police shot dog unnecessarily

I am calling in regards to the Ceres Police Department. I had an incident at my house where they came in, stated that they know my ex-brother-in-law was here for two days - this is what they said. They arrested two of my boys and took them to jail because my boys didn't want to let them in, didn't know why they were coming in. We didn't have anything to hide but they just barged in with guns. My three-year-old granddaughter had just left. I keep her through the day; luckily that day her mom was not working. Our dog that we've had for 12 years ... Ceres Police shot the dog instead of asking someone to hold her if they were scared of her.

It was a good dog. It was a pitbull. She was so well behaved, better than a kid could be.

The police had no morals, did not care, lied to me, saying she lunged at him. No she did not, she come around the corner. My sister said she was sitting on the couch holding our other dog. He wasn't even barking. The first bark that she did at him was because she didn't know what (the officer) was carrying. He shot him right in front of my two boys that were maybe two feet away from her. How about if the gun would have killed them too?

These Ceres cops then laughed about what they did to this dog. It was just so unreal that day.

(Editor's note: We decided to get the police's version of the Aug. 20 police action. We were told that parolee Ronnie W. Lee, 40, was hiding in the house and arrested and that police had a warrant to search the house. The two boys of the caller, Donald James Robins and Jesse James Robins, were arrested for obstructing and interfering with officers. The dog was shot after it lunged toward officer Pat Dayton's face. The incident happened in the 2500 block of Morgan Road.)