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Sound Off! calls published Sept. 10, 2008
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• Amen to 'plagues' caller

I'm calling in regards to "Modern day plagues? All I can say to the writer of that is amen! You hit it right on the nose.

• Angry at water wasting neighbors

This is concerning water wasters. We have some people on our street who pay no attention to the day they're supposed to water. Today is not their watering day and this woman's out there hosing down her house and basically keeping herself wet because they don't have the electricity and they do that everyday. And after dark they get out there and water down their driveway. There's no reason for it. They water it off almost every night. They water their sprinklers any day they want and then in the middle of the day - it's 4 o'clock right now - she's out there playing in the water. A grown woman is out there playing in the water because she doesn't have the electricity! This has got to stop.

The cities who don't have water, that are rationing water now, and we're just giving it away. The city of Ceres has nobody to call to report water wasters. I called the Water Department a couple of weeks ago. They said, well, "We'll put them on our list of people to watch." But there wasn't been anybody watching them at all. They are wasting hundreds of gallons of water.

• Supports gay marriages

I believe marriage should not be based on moral issues. It is a choice between two people who are in love. Why should sexual orientation matter at all? There are many people out in the world who are not given the right to marry the one they love. It is exactly what will occur in California if Proposition 8 is passed.

Many people say only a man and woman should be bonded in marriage, because God has commanded that his children should prosper. If gays and lesbians should not marry because it is impossible to give birth, then it is easy to assume that infertile couples should not marry, which is ridiculous.

Another issue brought up states that homosexual couples shouldn't raise children, because a growing child needs a female and male role model. Well, then what about single parents? What should they do? Should they put up their children for adoption because there is not another role model in the family? That concept is also ridiculous.

I have done thorough research in the Bible and on Scripture sites on the web, and yet I have not found a single verse that strictly opposes gay marriage.

Supporters for Proposition 8 guarantee that homosexuals will still have their usual rights, however, they are taking their single, most intimate right away - the right to spend the rest of their life with the one person they love. Is that what God would have wanted? So please, vote no on Proposition 8.

• Some parolees turn life around

I'd like to comment on Art deWerk's "Parolees are a problem." Yes, I believe that parolees are a problem but then again you have to look at the issue of rehabilitation and what the cities and counties are giving people for options. Prop. 36 and drug court is supposedly turning out to be a good thing. A lot of them are getting clean and sober and getting back on their feet and getting back in the community. Myself, I went through drug court and, yes, I had to go back to prison. I've been pulled over numerous times and told that the city don't want me on the streets - basically has put me down - and said they're here to save people from me. Basically just slandering me.

So I'm calling in to talk back on his thing. Is there anything that people who are rehabilitated could do to help show that there is hope for everybody, not just parolees? I know a lot of parolees that are not as bad as normal citizens with their tempers.

• May the best service win

I have been a loyal customer of Charter for many years. I have heard and seen horror stories about the satellite companies. ATT is a good company and now Charter has some competition. May the best service win.