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Sound Off! calls published Sept. 16, 2009
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• Dog didn't attack cop

I'm calling in regards to the "Sound Off!" call "Police shot dog unnecessarily." I did not like the way it was written. It seems so not put together right. It just needed to be put in better words, I believe; maybe the caller didn't say the right words.

I'd just like to put my thought about the matter. The dog was shot. I've known that dog for probably 12 years also. I'm not a family member or anything, I'm just close to them. I don't spend a lot of time over there but I know that the Ceres Police really has stepped over the line by shooting the dog ... which was not a big enough dog to lunged at the police officer's face. She's old, I mean, 12 years old, come out. She did not lunge at the officer's face. It's not right.

Also, one of the officers was blacklisted and then let go for not being credible on the stand. And stopping people unnecessarily when they're not doing anything wrong. The way that they just treat citizens and just because you're on parole the way they treat people is uncalled for. The Lord says that he puts people in charge over cities and states and countries and I just believe they need to start acting a little bit more respectful and courteous toward everybody, you know, don't be biased and don't be prejudiced. You never know when you're entertaining angels, like the Bible says.

Ceres Police Department really needs prayer, maybe, and a pastor to pray over all of them, that they would have a better attitude and try and lift up the community, not try to bring everyone down.

• Dog didn't have it in her

I'm a resident of Modesto and I'm calling in regards to when the officers came in over on Morgan Road and shot the family dog. She was a female pitbull and her name was Mei-ha and she had arthritis really bad, she was really old and way overweight. So what was put down in the paper that the officer said the dog lunged at him, that is totally impossible. There was no way she could have even lunged at a child. She was well mannered and really good natured. I think it was totally wrong that the Ceres officers overreacted and shot and killed the family dog. It really devastated the kids who were these because he's been their family pet since she was a baby.

• What goes around comes....

I appreciated the editor's note that was attached to the call "Police shot dog unnecessarily." To hear the caller, she had no culpability in the death of her dog. Honey, when you harbor fugitives of the law and then have your kids lie about him not being inside the house when he was, and you keep a pitbull inside the house when officers come in, I'd say you set up the recipe for the death of your family pet.

What goes around comes around.

• Meters are a rip-off

I agree with the water meters comment. Ceres is ripping us off. We're losing jobs and homes and everything now Ceres is raising the prices. It's about time we stand up for ourselves.