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Sound Off! calls published September 8, 2010
• Book well worth the price

Jeff, after buying a copy of your new book about Ceres last Friday, I sped through it in four days and could hardly put it down. I greatly enjoyed looking at the many photos and reading the descriptions of each one. The book educated me about my home town and brought back many memories of events, places and people. It was well worth the price. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

• Store's prices hardly the lowest

Has anyone else noticed the prices at Walmart going up? I've been doing my shopping at Walmart for 10 years and try to spend my money locally. About two months ago I started to question Walmart's low price slogan because I noticed the prices of staple items were increasing. I also found prices lower at two local owned stores with much better luck with employees speaking English. Does Walmart think it can increase its prices and no one will notice? My advice: Don't assume Walmart has the lowest price anymore. Compare before buying.

• Yogurt shop will fill it up more if asked

Thanks for the great response to the opening of Supermom's Yogurt & More. If there are any issues regarding quantities regarding the yogurt fills, please just ask for more to be put in the cup and it'll be taken care of by employees or by the owners. All you have to do is ask for more and you'll be given it. There's certainly no intention of anyone being shorted and we want to make sure gets exactly what they pay for. We appreciate all the support the yogurt shop's getting from the community and glad that folks are enjoying the ability to get together and enjoy high quality yogurt.

• Supercenter would draw new crime

To answer the caller who was asking about booze in the Walmart Supercenter ... and selling it from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Well, there will be a lot more problems because there's a lot of drug addicts goes there late at night and a lot more thievery and a lot more problems at the new location.

A lot of people in Ceres do not know how Walmart is ran, the way they treat their employees and everything else and how worn out they are. The associates are not happy campers any more and the new Walmart will be like that and worse.

• Yard sale signs do litter the community!

I'm calling in response to the lady who said it was ridiculous that we should have to take down our (garage sale) signs. I just think it's really trash and she's probably a real trashy person too because what kind of moron wants to leave the signs up just littering up the community.

• Meg Whitman makes sense for California

I'm calling about Meg Whitman. I've heard a lot of people ask why she is spending millions to get a job that doesn't pay squat by comparison. I have concluded that she really does think the state is messed up like I do and she just really wants to do this state right. All she talks about is creating jobs and streamlining government. I am for that. I also know that Jerry Brown would be more of the same of taxes, regulations and screwing businesses through the unions.