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• Other side of the story...

I am afraid that the Halls did not give all correct information.

Although Gary was president of the board in 1988 Della did not become manager until 2000 and there are many other untruths to their story.

They did not pay off the church; it was built out of "home missions" money by the PCG long before Gary was the pastor; they only paid off the remodel that was done in the early 1980s.

The members of the PCG built that church and that is why they would not okay the $800,000 building plan. Board members of the PCG requested financial records from Gary to make sure the church could support the project and he would not make those records available. He then threatened the PCG stating he was going to sue to get the property and that was a violation of the bylaws and he was removed as pastor.

The Halls have made the Terrace into a business that benefits only themselves. They live on the property and at times have had multiple members of their family work there (son, nieces, nephews, and other family). It is their personal cash cow.

As I was a member of the church when the Terrace was built, Pastor Gaches sold it to the congregation as a place for low-income elderly and some day when it was paid off a retirement center for retired clergy.

As far as their beloved school, that place was a total joke! I attended two years and trying to transition back to mainstream school was difficult. There were no teachers with credentials and students that left found themselves far below public schools learning levels. The property was in severe disrepair long before the Halls left the church and one school building was in such a state of disrepair it was not used even when I was there.

It is a pity that one family has made such a ruin of such a beautiful place. I was there from square one, something Gary cannot say. This was not the PCG trying to ruin anyone rather a greedy man that was told no and threw a fit. Hopefully a good company can come in a continue to run it as it was run prior to the Halls.

• Great column on meth users

I'm calling in about Art deWerk's column. It's a really good column about the meth users. It is so true. I just really liked the whole column. I just wanted to give him thanks. It was a good column. Keep up the good work.

• Stricter helmet laws desired

What happened to the law where kids have to wear helmets when they're riding their bikes? Even adults are supposed to be wearing their helmets. It's very dangerous without anybody wearing their helmets. I feel the law should get stricter for kids and adults when they ride their bikes.

• Smyrna gate never used

I'm calling regarding to the Smyrna Park entrance. There is a yellow gate and there's a black gate, which is electronic and it probably cost $3,500 to $5,000 to install that thing being that it's electrical. I'm just curious why it's not closed - ever. I constantly drive by there every morning. Sometimes it's open 10 to 6 and sometimes it's not (the yellow gate, that is). The black one has never been closed or locked. I'm sure there is a reason why it's not done. I just was curious. Maybe you could ask as to why it's never been used. Hope you can give me answers.

(Editor's note: We couldn't find an answer by the deadline but will try to post a response next week).