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A-frame signage will be addressed
A-frame signs are not allowed in Ceres but even Vice Mayor Ken Lane is noticing that they are proliferating and "getting more and more out of control."

"It's starting to look pretty tacky in different areas," said Lane at the Feb. 11 Ceres City Council meeting. "I've had citizens complain to me about why it's allowed. And really, it's not allowed."

In response to revenue curtailments, the city scaled back on the budget for code enforcement activities. Enforcement is done more on a complaint driven basis but Lane suggested that officers check on illegal signage as they are out enforcing business licenses.

"I don't know if we could double-whammy some of that stuff," said Lane, "but it is starting to look a little more tacky."

Mayor Chris Vierra agreed, saying he's even noticed an A-frame sign in his north Ceres residential area advertising the Ceres Flea Market, causing him to ask "what's the sign doing all the way over here for that? That's a little over the top."

Lane suggested a special study session to look at the matter. Saying that "the ordinance is on the books," Acting City Manager Art deWerk a different approach. He asked the council to give him time to formulate a strategy to develop a plan of enforcement. DeWerk suggests having volunteers to assist the city do some enforcement of the sign ordinance, including warnings to business owners and managers who may not know their signs are violating city code.

"To me, this is not a difficult issue," said deWerk.

Lane said he wants to see some report in two or three months so that the council can tell the public that the problem is being worked on.

The city's Sign Ordinance forbids portable or A-frame signs, (except location real estate signs) as well as signs that impede pedestrian traffic or vision, signs in the public right of way. It also does not permit signs consisting of any moving, swinging, rotating, flashing, blinking or animated components, except barber poles, clocks, thermometers or electronic changeable copy signs. Windblown devices and signs whose movement is designed to attract attention, such as pennants, flags, inflatable signs or balloons, or reflective attachments to sign faces are also not permitted. Signs on vehicles or on roof tops are not permitted.