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TID extends irrigation season
TIDs irrigation water will flow a bit longer this season onto area farms as the Board approves a two-week extension. - photo by RYAN MCLAUGHLIN/The Courier

With the summer season well underway and farmers across the Central Valley working on their crops, the Turlock Irrigation District announced a potential game changer for keeping their farms going.

TID announced that they will be adjusting the end of the irrigation season from Oct. 19 to Nov. 2, a brief but welcomed two-week extension.

Taking into account feedback from the community and weather conditions both past and projected, TID made the decision that this move would ultimately be in the best interest of the nearly 5,000 growers within its service area.

"Essentially this was done in an effort to accommodate the varying needs of growers in our area," said TID spokesperson Brandon McMillan. "The additional time will allow growers to apply irrigation for after harvest, something we discovered based on our feedback from the growers themselves."

The added two weeks makes the final day to place water orders Oct. 30. While people will be given the extra time to order water it does not mean an additional amount of water will be supplied to the growers.

TID will not be using any more water than already planned for and the amount of available water will remain at 36 inches of water per acre.

With drought conditions affecting California in recent years, TID has in place preventative measures that allow for some wiggle room prior to the start of the irrigation season.

"When the Board finalized this year's irrigation season they did so allowing for this kind of flexibility to happen without affecting growers," said McMillan.