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Sewer rates in north Ceres will not go up as much as expected
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Residents living in north Ceres will not be paying as much for sewer service than was originally expected.

In 2009 the city of Ceres increased sewer rates throughout Ceres but informed those living north of Hatch Road that their rates would be higher than the rest of city. That's because Ceres uses the Modesto wastewater treatment plant and Modesto was raising the costs of using that plant. Now Modesto officials say those increases will not be as great.

The monthly sewer rate for those living north of Hatch Road will be $47.31 as of July 1. City of Ceres officials say the rate will climb to $50.26 as of July 1, 2011 and $54.84 as of July 1, 2012.

The rest of Ceres households pay $39.77 per month as of July 1.

Last week the council adopted the north Ceres increases at a lower rate. City Engineer Glenn Gebhardt said the rates would have been $6.41 per month higher, or $53.72, as of July 1. 2010.

Last year the City Council raised rates on sewer and water service, saying the city wasn't charging enough to cover expenses. Rates were also raised to build up monies for significant capital improvements to its aging water and sewer systems. Improving both systems will enable the city to satisfy health regulations imposed by state agencies.