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Street Faire numbers amaze
Picture-perfect weather mixed with fun and community spirit over the weekend to make for an extremely well attended Ceres Street Faire 2010.

The event featured live entertainment, arts and crafts booths, commercial and food vendors and a Saturday car show.

"From a committee members' standpoint it couldn't have gone better," said Kim Chapman. "It would have been nice to not have the wind on Saturday but we had more foot traffic than ever before. The wind caused problems with tents but it didn't deter anybody. It certainly didn't make anybody fold up and go away."

Not only was the crowd size healthy for such a sluggish economy, there were more numbers of arts and crafts vendors and they generally seemed pleased with sales.

"The street vendors - and I tried to get to all of them - everyone was extremely pleased with their sales, extremely pleased with the foot traffic," said Chapman.

Even food sales were up significantly, she said.

This year's Faire drew a total of 74 arts and crafts and commercial vendors while 21 non-profit organizations had food booths along Third Street next to Whitmore Park. Chapman said that several groups ran out of food from strong food sales. By 5 p.m. on Saturday the Ceres Firefighters ran out of corn dogs and chili cheese fries as did the Ceres Lions Club which was selling tri-tip sandwiches. The club sold 2,000 sandwiches on Saturday and about 1,100 on Sunday, she said.

Typically more people attend on Saturday than on Sunday, she observed. That's usually because the Saturday-only car show is a heavy draw and because many attend church on Sunday.

Chapman thought the commercial booths on North Street offered more interesting wares.

The committee was pleased that the Ceres Street Faire appears to be a recession proof event.

"In this economy we were really pleased and that people appreciate the small town effort. This is a day you can come down with the family and not pay to enter. The fact that we don't charge to get in makes us a very family friendly affair. I think the committee with always keep it open rather than limit who you can bring by charging at the gate."

Police reported few problems at the event.

"It was actually pretty good for us," commented Lt. Brent Smith of the Ceres Police Department. "I worked Saturday and we didn't have any problems at all."

Raffle winners

During the Saturday portion of the Street Faire, the winners of the CUSD Foundation's third annual fundraiser were announced. The winner of the biggest prize, $2,500 cash donated by Bank of the West went to Flavio Rios.

Chris Lloyd was present when his name was drawn for the $1,000 cash prize donated by Ceres Rotary. He purchased the winning ticket from his daughter Scarlett, a second grader at La Rosa Elementary.

Cathleen Cooper won one of the two $500 cash prizes, donated by Ceres Pro Tow and Bruns Belmont Construction.

Dave Fry won a $500 grocery certificate from Cost Less Foods displayed in a basket filled with a variety of items for a barbeque.

Ana Hernandez won the outdoor gas grill barbeque that was donated by Lowe's Home Improvement Store of Turlock.

Maria DeNino won the entertainment package donated by Black Oak Casino including dinner for four at Three Sisters.

Additional prizes included a $500 gas card donated by United Inspection and Bruns Belmont Construction. Included in the prize package was a car wash kit donated by the CUSD Foundation. The Wal-Mart gift card was funded by Wal-Mart and the Kanter Kallman Foundation.

"It was so great to see the smiles on everyone's faces, when the names were announced," said Julie Lynn Martin, CUSD Foundation representative.

Participating in the drawing of the winning tickets were Dave McConnell, CUSD Foundation Board Member;' Deanna Grider, a Bank of the West official, School Board trustee Faye Lane and La Rosa School Principal Lori Mariani. Eric Ingwerson emceed the drawing.