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The lesson of 2022 is that campaigns still matter—a lot
Rick Manning new
Rick Manning is president of the Americans for Limited Government

Campaigns matter!

That’s the story of the election of 2022. 

Democrats survived and indeed were rewarded because they ran a campaign demonizing GOP supporters as threats to democracy using images of idiots hanging from the Nation’s Capitol from January 6th to make their point, and Republicans ran a campaign without substance expecting people to reward them because they weren’t Joe Biden.

Democrats found a way to rally around a candidate in Pennsylvania who advocated releasing first-degree murderers who committed heinous, grotesque crimes and was physically and mentally incapable of being a senator, while erstwhile Republicans chose to deny their votes to Republicans who stood up against Biden’s abuses of power using our federal intelligence agencies and had the audacity to point out that the 2020 election was the least secure and one of the most likely to have been corrupted election in our nation’s history.

At this writing it is not wholly uncertain whether the GOP even managed to win the six seats needed to win control of the House, although it’s leaning that way, but it is highly likely that they failed to pick up any seats in the Senate.

Joe Biden argued that the soul of America was at stake to motivate his voters. Republicans said gas prices are too high without providing a plan to lower them. 

Joe Biden said that Americans who supported Trump are dangerous to democracy. Washington, D.C. Republicans silently agreed while making no moral case against the unprecedented censorship and political weaponization of the FBI to make the same argument against their friend Joe.

Unfortunately the expectations that the GOP would be able to set the stage for draining the swamp, defund the 87,000 IRS agents, protect our children from the evil onslaught against their sexual innocence in the schools, tackle illegal immigration, end the green new deal power grab that is destroying any semblance of energy independence and end the Justice Department’s collusion with big tech to censor speech in America are dead. 

Even if they GOP has a slim majority in the House, it will be less conservative and combative than needed to stand up against an emboldened Biden administration. The hopes of rolling back Biden’s extremist policies are dead because Democrats were brought together with a purpose, to use the government against those who believe that America First policies are right and true. 

While Republicans, at best, hoped that anger at the Democrats over the economy and America’s wrong track would lead them to the Promised Land without the burden of having promises to fulfill. And like the football coach who tries to sit on a touchdown lead by burning clock and playing prevent defense, they effectively lost. 

Campaigns matter.

Rick Manning is president of Americans for Limited Government.