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Letters to the Editor
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Valli Wigt has a passion for teaching children; good for School Board

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am pleased to support Valli Wigt in her candidacy for the Ceres Unified School Board. As a colleague of Valli's at Westport School for many years before her retirement, I can vouch for her passion for reaching and teaching all the children in her care. In addition to working hard to help her students meet the high academic standards of our district, she also cared deeply about providing a well-rounded education that went far beyond the classroom walls. Each year she organized an outstanding school-wide Career Day that brought in representatives from the world of work to broaden the education of all of our students. She also sought out and organized unique educational field trips that enriched the learning of her students. I believe all the children in CUSD would benefit from the addition of Valli and her experience and passions to the board.

Valli's skills as a team member also make her an excellent candidate for the CUSD board. She had always been respectful of all her co-workers, as well as of the children and families she served. A personable and even-handed person, she could be counted on to work with integrity, perseverance, and commitment to do what is best for the students of Ceres Unified School District. For these reasons I heartily endorse Valli and the vision she would bring to the board as they continue to serve the learners in our community.

Linda Owen,


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Davis has integrity

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I urge everyone to vote for Betty Davis in the Ceres School Board election.

I have known Betty for more than nine years. I've seen that she is a person of integrity who follows through on her commitments. She has used her knowledge as a retired teacher to make decisions in the best interests of students, families and staff during her time on he Ceres School Board. Betty has worked above and beyond the call of duty as a teacher for more than 32 years. She has dedicated her efforts to further help the community as a member of the Ceres School Board. I'm confident she'll continue to do a superior job for the families of Ceres if re-elected to the School Board this year.

Frank Balistreri,


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