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Letters to the Editor
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am writing this letter from several perspectives.

The first is that I am a wife of a Ceres firefighter. Every day these firefighters are working with bare minimum staffing. This not only endangers the firefighters but it endangers our community. Without enough manpower to fight a fire, we could potentially all lose a lot. Proof of this is the recent fire at a store in Ceres which was contained quickly, saving surrounding businesses. It was reported due to a fourth engine company - which was recently added to to the Fire Department - the response was quicker and with more force. However, with the increased construction and housing in our city, there is still an urgent need to continue to increase Fire Department staffing. As well, we risk unfortunate circumstances for those calling for medical aid. There are not enough firefighters on duty at any one time to respond to multiple calls. If they need to call for support from a surrounding city, the response time could be substantial and the results significant.

My second perspective is that I have friends within the Ceres Police Department. They, too, endanger themselves daily to ensure the safety of their city. Bottom line: there is an immediate need to improve staffing, increase street patrol, and create manpower unites that will impact a decrease in - and eventually end - gang and drug activity in our city. Unfortunately, there is just not enough police staffing to do it. Simply put, if they don't have the funds, they can't hire the necessary staffing. Citizens have minimal protection.

My third and most important perspective is as a citizen of Ceres. I am very active in this community and volunteer for many local organizations and I care about this city and its citizens. It doesn't take knowing anyone within the Public Safety Department to realize gangs, drugs and violence are creeping into and slowly taking over. We want to rely on our police and fire departments to protect and take care of us. We need to know that our police and fire departments will be there for us at these times of need. However, we need to realize that our safety and well-being is not only in their hands, it is in all of ours as well.

I urge all citizens of Ceres to become informed on what this small tax increase can do for our city. Keep in mind that if you were to purchase $100 in household supplies, you will only be paying 50 cents more in sales tax. Again, it is so minimal you would not likely see any difference in your monthly expenditures. However, imagine the difference you would see in the safety of your city!

Kathi Foster,