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Medicare for All is not the answer for our country
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

If you like your private health insurance plan from your employer or are a taxpayer, new congressman, Rep. Josh Harder, is not your friend.

Harder is one of the House Democrats who supports the infamous “Medicare for All” plan, which would abolish all private health insurance, taking it away from at least 175 million Americans who have private insurance.

And this time, if you like your health insurance plan you can’t keep it because Harder and his band of liberal congress members and bureaucratic busybodies don’t want you to have it.

According to a study by the Mercatus Center, the Medicare for All plan would cost $32 trillion over the next decade, or $3.2 trillion per year, almost doubling the federal budget and raising taxes on the middle class through the roof.

One can only wonder why people elected this gentleman to congress. Just assisting the seniors it was designed to cover, Medicare is already projected to run deficits in the tens of trillions of dollars over the next four decades, according to the program’s own trustees.

So, here’s the idea of Harder and his pals.  Let’s kick 175 million people off their private health insurance plans and stick them under a federal program about to run deficits into the tens of trillions of dollars.

When you think of Harder’s plan, please remember the broken promises of Obamacare. Nearly all of the key Obamacare promises were broken and lies. Harder needs to be voted out of office.

Mary Park

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